Most of us try to do what we can to stave off the weight of the years. A good diet helps a lot by providing our skin with the nourishment that it needs to remain healthy. That isn’t our primary goal when eating that kind of diet though. We generally reserve that for our skincare routines. These are what do a lot of the work when it comes to helping us to look younger than we are. They help to tighten, firm, and otherwise nourish our skin directly. It generally doesn’t take very long for them to show results once we’ve started either. Combing a good routine with diet can go a long way all on its own, but it is best to support it all with exercise as well. These can help further tone your body and help it fight back against the effects gravity has on your body over time. In the long run, it can help keep years off of your appearance. You need to be doing the right sort of exercises though.

Let’s be honest here at the start, age means that gravity starts to makes us sag in various places. The solution to this is exercising the underlying musculature of an area so that it is more taut and holds to everything around it better. A sedentary lifestyle allows muscles to relax too much and is what ultimately causes a lot of the sagging. The midsection is a problem area for almost everyone as they age. That means targeting it with some form of the plank exercise tends to be a good goal. One of the options available to your is the forearm plank. We’ve chosen this one as it gives you more surface area to push with to minimize potential strain on anywhere other than your midsection. You start by lying on your stomach with elbows even with your shoulders and the rest of your forearms carefully going forward by your head. Gradually pushed up with your arms and bring your body off the floor while engaging the muscles in your midsection. Hold this position with your legs and back rigid for up to twenty seconds when you first start and gradually build up to roughly a minute to a minute and a half. This will help build muscle in your midsection to burn the fat and reduce sagging.

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There are other areas that tend to be a problem as we age too. The thighs and buttocks in particular can be difficult to keep in check given weight builds around them easily as well. There are a lot of exercises you can do to help this area, but some of them came be particularly difficult on your knees or other joints. We don’t always want this as we’re getting older. A wall bridge is a pretty good way to get the exercise you need without necessarily putting too much extra strain on key joints. Lay down with your back to the floor and your knees bent with your feet flat against the wall a few feet up from your body. This is your start position. Gradually begin to apply pressure and lift your torso from the floor evenly until your bring your body into alignment. You don’t want to accidentally arch your back for this exercise. Once you’ve done that, hold in this position for up to twenty seconds and carefully return to start position. You’ll want to repeat this up to fifteen times in a row to get the most out of this exercise. It will help build muscles in the appropriate areas.

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We picked the two other exercises specifically for their direct examples of how they could benefit you. This might give the mistaken impression that only specific kinds of exercise can help you look younger. That’s not the case. Not everything will be overly obvious though. Even taking a brisk walk for a half hour a few times a week can benefit your appearance over time. It does this by boosting the overall blood flow in your skin. This helps to distribute nutrients better and keeps your skin having a comparatively healthy look thanks to a natural flush. Additionally, this in turn supports your skin’s natural repair processes and allows it to better prevent the loss of collagen and other issues that can lead to you looking just a bit older. Exercise is one of the keys to keeping years off of your appearance regardless of how you go about it. You’ll get a lot from targeting areas that tend to accumulate fat though as that will help minimize the amount of you that gravity can cause to sag.

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Exercise is important to your body. It helps you look and feel younger by supporting your body’s overall health. Targeted exercises can do a lot to work against particular signs of aging though. They can turn a problem into something that will support your health for a long time coming while making you feel more confident about yourself. Don’t underestimate what getting out and moving can do for you. Your body can and will thank you for the effort.

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