Skin care may be serious business, but sometimes we all get a bit too serious. If you’re starting to notice that you routine is taking longer than it should, then maybe it is time to hit the reset button and start from the beginning. Similarly, OROGOLD would like to offer this guide as a starting point for anyone trying to figure out a skin care routine for the first time. The process of building a good routine for any time of day is often overwhelming for a beginner simply because there are some many opinions. These tips will by no means by exhaustive, but should be good for a variety of skin types.

Before you do anything else, wash your face with a cleanser. The key point in this step is to make your face as clean as possible before taking any further steps. As we’ve discussed before, clean skin is capable of utilizing products better and helps guard against accidentally clogging pores up. When starting out looking for a cleanser, do a little research. You will get the best results if you focus on a cleanser that works well for your skin type. There is a certain school of thought that suggests you use plain, slightly warm water for cleansing though. The idea is between the water and gentle circular motions you can remove the buildup of the night, but also benefit your face’s circulation.

Woman exfoliating her legs.

All skin needs to be exfoliated at different points simply to help remove the layers of dead skin. A good exfoliation routine ensures newer skin is exposed regularly and helps smooth out smaller imperfections in the skin. However, OROGOLD feels anyone just starting to exfoliate with any product needs a particular warning. You need to pay careful attention to your skin whenever you start a routine pattern of exfoliation. Every person’s skin takes exfoliation differently and if you have a more sensitive skin type it is easy to overdo it even with a gentle product. So monitor how your skin feels and if it feels worse than before, try only exfoliating a couple of time a week and see how the change works.

Really there isn’t a way to stress moisturizing enough when it comes to skin care. Skin dries out on its own depending on various factors, and plenty of skin care products can likewise dry out skin. As a result, you need to ensure you moisturize regularly. There are a lot of specialized moisturizers as well that offer extra benefits for specific skin types. Experiment with these as you get used to a routine for added benefits. The only exception to using moisturizer in a routine is when you’re prepping for a day out in the sun and intend to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen itself includes moisturizer and using too much moisturizer can make your skin over oily.

Follow these three tips in the given order for the best effects. Once again, this is a very simple routine to begin with or to reset to when your routine has gotten unwieldy. OROGOLD fully expects you to build on this based on your experiences. Anyone suffering from acne or a chronic skin condition will certainly want to incorporate the specific care for those problems into their routine as well. Patience and paying attention to cues from your skin will let you build a truly personalized skin care routine easily.

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