General skin care is something that most of us eventually learn or turn to outside sources to learn. A solid skin care routine leaves our skin looking and feeling cleaner than it would otherwise. What it also does is help boost the skin’s health while delaying and reducing the signs of age. This is relatively easy for much of the skin as it is thick enough that the most common signs have difficulty impacting the skin unless we’ve been treating it poorly. Some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others though. The most sensitive areas are typically the ones around your eyes simply because the skin is thin and delicate compared to other areas of the body. You need to pay special attention to these areas, and as a result, OROGOLD has put together a few quick tips on easy eye care.

Try A Serum
Because of the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, beauty companies have developed products specifically for the area’s health. Some of the best are eye serums. These are typically delicate, lotion-like or liquid products that spread easily. A quality product generally does its best to maintain a focused, lightweight ingredient list that supports a specific kind of skin health. Our own eye serum, for instance, focuses on firming and fortifying the skin. Other eye serums will have their own focuses. The reason behind the lightweight approach to most serums is that the delicate nature of the skin surrounding the eyes means that heavier products can end up harming the skin. Additionally, keep an eye on consistency when considering a serum. They should be easy to spread gently around the area to avoid pulling the skin.

Retinols Are Your Friends
To one degree or another, many of us are concerned with minimizing the signs of age. The signs tend to show up the most reliably around the eyes, and as a result, you probably want to consider finding a retinol-based product. These products are focused almost exclusively on firming and smoothing the area around the eyes. As a form of vitamin A, retinol is highly beneficial to the skin and a known antioxidant. This allows it to help deal with discolorations in the skin and promote internal self-repair. Some studies have highlighted it also helps adjust blood flow to an area over repeated use. OROGOLD would like to stress this point as healthy blood flow is connected to the production of collagen, one of the primary structural components in your skin. The loss of collagen to age and skin damage is one of the internal issues with skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles.

Cultivate Healthy Habits
One of the most crucial components of eye care is how you treat the skin around your eyes. You need to make an effort to protect and support the area as much as you can through your actions as well as your products. Always remember to apply a product with SPF to the area or at the very least wear sunglasses large enough to protect it. Try to get enough sleep. You probably want to consider sleeping on your back as well to reduce the amount your skin is pushed and pulled during the night too. Do your best to eat well. Poor eating habits will show up around your eyes with relative speed. One other simple thing to do is simply to avoid an incredibly common mistake: remove your makeup before your go to bed. Leaving eye makeup on will trap grime and bacteria close to your skin overnight and reduce the overall health of your skin. It doesn’t matter what you need to do to remind yourself, but you really should make the effort to remove that makeup. Your skin will look healthier and younger for longer.

Eye care is actually a fairly simple affair despite the skin being delicate. All it involves is a little common sense and avoiding simple mistakes. Products are there to help you, but can’t fix everything without you being willing to meet them halfway. OROGOLD hopes this encourages you to live healthily and cherish your skin. Taking proper care of it will keep you happy and healthy for years.


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