Moisturizing your skin regularly is a necessary part of skincare. It helps to maintain your skin’s natural resilience against damage as well as providing just a tiny bit more protection against things like sun damage. Different areas of your skin require their own consideration when it comes to ensuring you’re moisturizing properly though. Our faces tend to require intensive focus specifically because the skin there is so much thinner. This is especially true around the eyes. This thinner skin tends to follow down the neck and some of the upper chest while the rest of our skin tends to all be a bit more resilient. Areas such as the bottoms of our feet are particularly known for tougher skin and likewise, need a special focus to keep them looking their best. What a lot of people forget is to pay attention to their hands and nails. There are a few very good reasons for this that we all need to work on keeping in mind.

Consistent Exposure
Most of us don’t really think about our hands that much. This is unfortunate given they tend to have among the most consistent level of exposure to weather and sun when compared to the rest of our skin. Even in winter, many people will skip on gloves if their climate permits it. The skin of your hands is taking consistent damage from all of that. Sun damage from UV exposure, drying out from cold, dry air, and all the various other potential problem sources such as exposure to pollution and constant movement. All of our hands could use the boost in care that moisturizing represents. It will help offset some of the problems that our hands face and, as stated above, keep them a little more resilient in the face of all these potential issues. Taking good care of your hands is also crucial to anyone who wants to keep their nails looking as good as possible. After all, those cuticles are just another form of skin.

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Cuticle Health
Cuticles tend to get at least a little more attention than most parts of our hands, thanks to the simple fact that any nail treatments tend to need us to pay that extra attention. Healthy cuticles are strongly associated with better nails and neglecting them tends to cause problems in growth and overall health. Unfortunately for us, our cuticles are actually some of the most susceptible parts of our skin when it comes to damage. They are both incredibly thin and only cover a small amount of space on our bodies, but they tend to show damage very quickly. That’s why most of us need to be regularly moisturizing our cuticles. This will keep them healthy and less easy to tear or hurt each day. Healthy cuticles will not only ensure your nails are better off, but they’ll look good too. Any polish or nail treatment you get will look all the better with that subtle cue of healthy underlying nails.

Moving Problems
We mentioned above that constant movements can be a problem for your hands. Remember that your skin is composed of various layers and the firmness and overall health of the skin are linked to the presence of the protein collagen. Movements fold our skin consistently and actually damages collagen to a degree. That’s why Botox helps even out lines when used properly. It paralyzes the forehead muscles to prevent movement. Hands don’t have anything that can do that for them. The consistent exposure tends to mean the skin of your hands is drier and more susceptible to damage on average. That just makes it even easier to damage collagen further and build up deeper lines than usual or form new ones around the wrist. Regularly moisturizing will help keep your skin more pliable and thereby minimize this effect so that your hands keep looking healthy and more youthful. Remember that hands are one of the telling areas of age if one isn’t careful about giving them appropriate care.

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Our skin is a wonderful organ. As one of our most notable forms of defenses, it does its job well when it comes to helping keep our bodies healthy. It seems only fitting to pay it back for that dedication. Regularly paying attention to all of your skin, especially around your hands and nails, will pay off by keeping your skin healthier and more appealing. It may take an effort sometimes, but it will pay off over time.

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