Over the last year, it has become increasingly apparent that designers are embracing looks that emphasize the natural look of people. The “natural makeup” trend does its best to use a light amount of makeup to cover issues without creating the flawless and poreless look that matte makeup can cause. Natural makeup favors using nudes whenever possible so that it is difficult to even tell that the person is wearing makeup at all unless they add a flair to their look. These generally take the form of perhaps slightly less subtle eye makeup, but in general, the idea is for creating the image of perfectly natural beauty. There is a problem with this though. Even those living a good lifestyle can’t escape from years of being told we must look our best and all the rituals of makeup that taught us over the years. Natural makeup dares us to ignore those impulses and see what happens.

Soft and Smooth
You’re likely already beginning from well cared for skin and this is key when it comes to pulling off a natural look. Good moisturizing will get you a long way in this case as you won’t be doing all that much to conceal anything. Barely there makeup is entirely about subtly supporting your natural look. You’ll want to focus on using a toner to help even out your overall skin tone as an early step because this will reduce the number of things you need to deal with later. Try to use a product you know won’t be harsh on your skin as otherwise you may have to hide more color than you’d like. Additionally, you’ll want to take care of any similar color correction early before progressing any further. Moisturize and then tone correct with your correct products before moving on.

Contouring is a subtle, but easy way you can emphasize the shape of your face. The most basic method involves using a contouring product a shade or two lighter than your normal skin tone and doing a short life from near your ear along the hollow of your cheekbone. Blending this out provides a subtle boost to the definition of your cheekbones and can seem to lift your face slightly. A simple method like this is particularly good for a day-to-day look. Its comparative simplicity also means that it doesn’t stand out at all. You generally want to favor more complex methods of contouring at night that will help keep your face’s shape defined in lower light. We’ve previously highlighted good ways to do this, but the quick rule is that you’ll be tracing the bones that provide definition to your face lightly when dealing with lower light levels.

Support Your Beauty
Beyond makeup, you can take steps that actually make your makeup work for you more. Good grooming goes a long way to cultivating your natural beauty. An eyelash curler is particularly useful for helping get eyelashes that stand out with the small amount of mascara you’re likely to use. These help improve the natural appearance and volume of your eyelashes. You should try to color match any mascara you use for the maximum natural look or entirely skip it. Additionally, you’ll want to pay careful attention to your brows. Using a good brush and pencil to groom and fill them in will add that extra bit of definition that will be practically invisible to most people. Remember you want to use as few products as possible as lightly as possible for the barely there look.

Natural makeup often flies in the face of all we learned about makeup for years and can leave us feeling a bit vulnerable without our usual routines. The truth is that the look is relatively easy to pull off. It can help restore your confidence in your natural appearance while still providing that extra push you want for your beauty. Try experimenting with natural makeup while you cultivate your beauty the right way. You may find that you gain a new appreciation for who you see in the mirror each day.

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