OROGOLD has a lot to say on the subject of using gold in skin care, but lately people seem to be embracing the use of diamonds. They certainly make a distinct ingredient that helps separate products from their peers. It isn’t even a simple gimmick designed to draw the attention of people without actually helping. The skin care industry knows diamonds are useful. Not everyone uses them in the appropriate ways though. These are the areas where you should be skeptical of claims. As a result, we’ve put together a brief primer on what uses diamonds have in the skin care industry. This should help you be an informed consumer the next time you go looking through a skin care product aisle.

Over-the-Counter Exfoliant
One of the most rapidly expanding uses is in exfoliating products. This is a use that actually makes perfect sense. Various industries use diamonds as an abrasive material due to their overall strength. The strength itself is tempered by the ability to shape the diamonds themselves in different ways to create different levels of abrasion. A rough diamond being rubbed against your skin won’t do you much good. By contract, a shaped, ground diamond powder suspended in a substance can do your skin a lot of good. It helps strip away the excess dead skin layer on the outermost layer of your skin and this helps lighten your complexion as well as supporting product absorption. In this way, diamonds are essentially the upper end of physical exfoliants. You do need to avoid any product using larger crystals as this could provide some of the same issues as “do-it-yourself” sugar scrubs and actually harm your skin.

OROGOLD has discussed this topic before and briefly touched on the fact that many styles of microdermabrasion use powder. Diamond-based exfoliating powders are one of the most sought after kinds for use in the procedure by professionals. They routinely note that the diamond-based product provides noticeably better results. Many versions of the procedure utilize a wand as the main mechanism for promoting exfoliation. Professionals utilizing this form of the procedure are also known to prefer using diamond-based tips for their exfoliating wands. It should be noted that these uses are all supervised, professional levels of treatment and the products used in them will be both more potent and difficult for anyone untrained to use. This separates them their more common relatives.

As already discussed, diamonds can lighten your skin as an exfoliant, but people are beginning to experiment with their use directly in brightening products as well. This kind of makeup does its best to add color and life to the skin. It can also fill in and cover minor skin imperfections by drawing the eye away from them. This helps your skin look closer to flawless and brighter without any major changes to your lifestyle. The fact that the products are temporary is actually the biggest drawback to using diamonds in this fashion. They’re certainly useful, but don’t contribute to long-term changes in the same way a quality exfoliation product used routinely will. We recommend using these products primarily when you need an extra boost for an important event, but suggest sticking to actual care products to support your skin’s overall health.

Diamonds are a solid cosmetic product. They don’t directly react to skin, can be shaped to make the most use of them, and are reliable. Their increasing popularity as an ingredient is a testament to this utility. The beauty and skin care industry does still need to work out the best ways to make use of the beneficial treats of diamonds as an ingredient, though. Until then, OROGOLD recommends ensuring your products are of high quality and use diamonds gently like our diamond mask. This will help your skin and avoid some issues of lower quality products where manufacturers are simply adding diamonds for added mystique.

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