It’s no secret that OROGOLD does its best to learn from Cleopatra. The true nature of her beauty may be subject to debate, but what isn’t is that she was a powerful woman with the ability to afford the best options available to her. Ancient Egyptians were by no means unfamiliar with skin care either and, as a result, we take products using Dead Sea mud fairly seriously. After all, it was rumored to be good enough for Cleopatra. But what are the actual benefits of using mud from the Dead Sea in skin care products? The fact is that it isn’t just based on rumors from antiquity. There appears to be some genuinely special aspects to the mud from the Dead Sea. To make things a bit clearer, we’re going to go over the probable reason that Dead Sea mud is so special and some of its known properties.

Dead Sea Living
A name like the Dead Sea doesn’t typically inspire confidence when it comes to any sort of health. The name is deceiving though as people have been visiting the Dead Sea for the health since antiquity. A special natural arrangement gives the area a degree of protection compared to the harsh lands around it and the waters themselves benefit. Mineral deposits are all around and within the Dead Sea itself. They permeate the water so thoroughly that animals cannot really live in it. That’s the real reason it is called the Dead Sea. The salt and mineral content also means that it is even easier to float in the waters than it is in other bodies of water. All these minerals permeate water, but so too do they sink into the mud. It is thanks to this process that Dead Sea mud has a stunning reputation.

Cosmetic Applications
Dead Sea mud is most commonly used for cosmetic applications. Full body treatments in Dead Sea mud are actually relatively common in local, luxury beauty spas in the general vicinity. The mud being in higher supply makes this a relatively easy affair by comparison to the rest of the world. People note that the mud often leaves their skin feeling silky smooth and looking smoother than it did before. The belief is that the particular combination of minerals helps improve the elasticity of the face and, as a result, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Some minerals in the waters are associated with tone and cleanliness as well. OROGOLD especially wants to highlight the latter part as a Dead Sea mud mask is particularly prized among people suffering from chronic acne. The mud provides very gentle exfoliation, helps remove grime, and reduces inflammation. All of these make it an excellent acne treatment.

Medical Uses
The previously mentioned anti-inflammatory properties are useful in areas beyond the face as well. Just as we deal with fine lines and wrinkles with age, joint pain and other pains begin to crop up from the damage we did earlier in life. Many people offer Dead Sea mud as a topical spread meant to help relieve such pains and it appears to have a degree of effectiveness at this as well. Some people have reported increased circulation from using Dead Sea mud as well. This can help with pain too, but is of particular note for anyone who tends to suffer from joint pain associated with their extremities getting cold easily due to lower circulation. There have likewise been reports that sufferers of fibromyalgia have found relief in careful application of Dead Sea mud too. The combination of anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting minerals is likely to appeal to many.

The Dead Sea isn’t likely to get a new name anytime soon, but that won’t stop people from flocking to its waters. It’s reputed nature as a place of natural healing is at least partly deserved. The waters and the mud are capable of providing documented benefits for many people. OROGOLD hopes this gives you an idea on whether you’d like to try a product using Dead Sea mud or visit the Dead Sea yourself. The one thing you can be sure of is that it can certainly leave you looking and feeling younger.

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