We often end up taking our skin for granted as it silently suffers from the torture that our lifestyle puts it through. People obsess about their waistline and pamper their hearts with the right food, but they often end up ignoring the skin altogether. Sure, everyone puts that half hearted effort in applying the sunscreen and putting on a lotion, but that’s just about it. This is not what OROGOLD Cosmetics would recommend to its customers. Your skin needs some love to stay beautiful and healthy. This means that you need to devote some time to your skin on a daily basis. Now, there are those obvious skin care routines that you need to follow, but our OROGOLD Daily Essentials Kit is more than enough to offer exciting solutions for most of them. And the OROGOLD 24K Daily Essentials Giveaway is an ideal way to get this exciting collection. But apart from a proper skin care routine, there are a few other essentials that you need to follow on a daily basis (only if you’re really looking for younger and beautiful looking skin).

relaxing and having me time Cool down after a stressful day at work
No, you don’t need to chill your face in front of the freezer. What you need to do is spend some “me time”. This lets you de-stress and relax your mind and your body. Stress can wreak havoc on your skin and it can also lead to all sorts of health issues. Try to calm down while there’s still time. If you think your acne issues are the worst, wait till you have to deal with things like redness and eczema. 

Exercise regularly
Another routine that can work wonders for your skin is regular exercise. Exercise is essential for your skin health because it opens up your pores, flushes out the toxins, improves blood circulation and also boosts the production of collagen. This makes you look younger and healthier and also diminishes your acne issues and your wrinkles.

Eating Healthy Regulate your diet
Not everything can be found in a skin care product. Sure, you need these products, but they can only offer so much. What you need is a balanced diet that is full of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Make sure that you avoid processed food and junk food and increase the intake of food items that offer the body vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. A particular study suggests that those who follow a balanced diet, reduce their intake of dairy products and sugary foods and consume things like vegetables and olive oil, have a reduced amount of wrinkles in their old age.

Sleep properly
Getting proper sleep is essential for healthy skin. Sleep gives your skin time to rejuvenate and replenish itself so as to counteract the damage caused to it throughout the day. As your skin begins to grow old, a simple smile can become too much to handle for your skin. When you throw in things like pollution, UV radiation, free radical damage and those occasional cuts, your skin is almost at a state of revolt. By giving it a good night’s sleep you give it a youthful appearance and coax it to fight another day.

No smokingAvoid smoking and alcohol overindulgence
Even if you start following all the suggestions mentioned above and also add a good skin care routine into the picture, you can always undo all the hard work with a single bad habit such as drinking too much caffeine, smoking or the occasional overindulgence with alcohol. These things might not seem to be a huge deal, but they actually end up negating all the hard work that you do to make your skin look great.  Smoking is perhaps the worst of the lot because it robs your skin off its oxygen and gives it an aged appearance. Caffeine and alcohol usually end up dehydrating your skin. Alcohol can also lead to red spots because of the damage it causes to your blood vessels.

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