Getting the most out of a skin care routine requires you to do things in a specific order. This isn’t to say that your products won’t do you any good outside of a proper order, but they can diminish the positive effects of one product or cause skin issues due to slight misuse. The correct order really isn’t as complex as you might guess. Truth be told, OROGOLD is quite certain you’ll have figured out the first part of the proper order without any help. The best way to view our provided order, unless otherwise specified, is as an informed suggestion. Your dermatologist or esthetician might have particular instructions suited to your skin specifically and as a result you should defer to them when instructions are available. However, we can at least tell you exactly what the first step is in almost every routine.

Always cleanse before you do any other step in your skin care routine. Think about it for a moment. Cleansing serves the purpose of wiping your skin clean of oils and debris. This provides a blank canvas for you to work with as opposed to one muddied by grime. Painting one wet color over another never really did your art much good as a child, did it? The principle is the same. Just like you needed a clean or dry surface to get the most of a color, you need a clean surface to get the most out of any skin care product. Lightly rinse your face with warm water, and then follow your chosen cleanser’s directions before you do anything else.

The Thin and the Thick 
After cleansing you reach the complicated part of any skin care routine. You’ve inevitably got a wide selection of products based on your skin types and that you’ve learned of from various sources. So when does what go on? Take a good look and feel of any products you intend to use, other than moisturizers as OROGOLD will get to those later, and consider how each feels. Every product has a certain feeling of weight and textures. The trick is to start with the thinner products before you move on to thicker products. Thinner products are often water-based and your skin will absorb them readily. This is what you want. As you layer thicker products on after the thinner ones, the thicker ones will help seal the thinner ones against your skin and ensure the best effect.

In keeping with the thickness of most moisturizers, these are best suited for going last. A good moisturizer will help deal with any dryness or irritation caused by other products in addition to providing a final seal for your other skin care products. One thing to be aware of is that the more products that you use, the less of the moisturizing effect you can expect as all those other products will dull the effects some. This is why it is often a good idea to maintain a relatively simple skin care routine to make sure all the products you’ve chosen provide for your skin’s health as well as they can. Ideally, no routine should take too long as you want to be able to apply moisturizer within three to five minutes after getting out of the bath or shower to trap moisture in your skin as well as other products.

Never forget sun protection. It is one of your primary defenses against premature aging. Technically, most sunscreens include a moisturizer and some moisturizers incorporate SPF protection. This makes this step potentially redundant. However you’re getting your sun protection, remember that you want SPF 30 or greater that offers broad spectrum protection. This will offer your skin the best protection over the long term.

These steps offer a rough, but clear guide on how to order your skin care routine. OROGOLD can’t anticipate all the products that you use, but we do advise to always consider the quality of any product in your skin care routine before applying it to your skin. A smaller number of high quality products are better for your skin than a forest of lower quality products. Remember that cleansing always go first and the rule regarding product thickness and your skin car routine should be fine though.

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