It takes a while, but many of us figure out a particular set of products that we enjoy using. These become the clear base for our routines. Sometimes we’ll switch out a product here or there, but many of them remain consistent until one circumstance or another makes us change them. Even with a relatively consistent product set, you’ve probably noticed that it seems like you get more out of some products at different times. In truth, finding the products you rely on is only the first step in a good skin care routine. You need to work out how to apply them in the right order to truly make the most of your products. Skin care around the eyes can be particularly finicky thanks to the sensitivity of the skin. As a result, we’ve put together a rough guide for how to get the most out of eye skin care products.

Retinol or Serum
Retinol products are the go-to anti-aging products for use around the eyes. These products use the titular form of vitamin A to fortify and tighten the skin. In general, they work wonderfully when you use them properly, but there are some drawbacks. The potency of retinol generally means it dries the skin out some, but we’ll be getting to how to deal with this shortly. Another drawback is that to make the products usable, skin care companies need to strike a delicate balance between potency and usability. This means the products are typically designed for direct application to the skin. Using any products before retinol-based products will decrease their effectiveness. As a result, we firmly recommend you start here. If you’re not using a retinol, then use your eye serum here instead.

Problem Solvers
The skin around our eyes can be frustrating to care for properly. A retinol will help you with fine lines and wrinkles, but it doesn’t always help with issues like bags or dark circles. You should focus on applying specialized treatments for the skin surrounding your eyes after you’ve applied a retinol. Give the first type of product time to settle and then begin carefully applying the other products. OROGOLD recommends you give a little time for each product to settle into your skin before continuing on to the next. Ideally, you should use your ring finger when applying products around your eye to avoid putting undue stress on the skin. Specialized products will generally compose the middle layer of most skin care around the eyes as they can have further effects that might irritate the skin. This is why you save moisturizing for the last step.

Lastly, you want to top the area with a healthy amount of moisturizer. It doesn’t matter if this is a specialized eye cream or a general use product. The goal is to soothe and moisturize the skin against any harsher product you’re used. As we’ve highlighted, the skin around your eyes reacts easier to products thanks to how thin it is. This includes both positive and negative reactions. Finishing with a moisturizer means you won’t be adding anything extra to irritate the area and the moisturizer can work effectively. We do recommend try a few moisturizers to find the best fit for your routine though. It shouldn’t take too much and will add an extra layer of care that can further help stave off the signs of aging.

Finding the right products and using them in the right order can truly transform your skin. It will make it healthier and happier than you believed possible. Additionally, using your products in the right order will ensure each one’s effectiveness with minimal competition between the products. OROGOLD hopes this quick guide will serve you well in shaping your skin care routine. With a little luck, you’ll be able to say goodbye to tired eyes in 2016.

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