Trying to take care of your skin properly is a constant mix of staying aware of any changes to your skin and finding new products to match the changes to your skin. Fortunately, most of these changes are often short-lived and based on something in your life. People with oily skin aren’t likely to view it as terribly fortunate as the most common changes is their skin getting oilier for a time. Everyone has to deal with oily skin in adolescence or later in life and that makes it something of a universal problem in skin care. Not everyone knows how to deal with their skin getting oilier though and this can lead to problems. OROGOLD is going to go over a quick summary of some of the more common mistakes people make when trying to care for oily skin. Knowing these mistakes will help you avoid them and keep your skin healthier.

Avoid Drying Your Skin Out
One of the immediate responses most people have when dealing with oily skin is that they try to entirely eliminate the oil. They reach for cleansers designed to strip the oil away from their skin and leave it at that. This is actually a rather bad approach. You do want to try and deal with the excess oil on your skin, but you don’t want to dry your skin out or cause excess irritation to it with such products. This actually stimulates your skin’s natural defenses. Unfortunately for people who have made this mistake before, your skin’s natural defense against dry skin and irritation is to produce oil. You can and will make your skin even oilier than it was before if you opt to use powerful products for drying out your skin. You should find products formulated for oily skin, but don’t reach straight for the extra strength products.

Randomly Sampling Products
Anyone dealing with oily skin for the first time is likely to start reaching for products at random to try and find a miracle cure. OROGOLD cannot stress enough how bad this can be for your skin. Skin has particular needs based on its type. If you start randomly applying products without regard to your skin type, then you can and will start damaging your skin. Not only is this an irritant that will lead to more oil production, but you can cause permanent damage if products disagree with one another or you happen to use a product that includes an ingredient you have a topical allergy to. Always read the ingredients on a product before your try it. Try using our guide to the best ingredients for oily skin to familiarize yourself with some of the better things you can use. Do not try things at random though. You need to be taking care of your skin instead of abusing it.

Failing to Moisturize
Yes, oily skin seems over-hydrated with all of the oil. Yes, using too much moisturizer or the wrong kind can easily clog the pores of oily skin and cause breakouts. This does not mean people with oily skin need to stop moisturizing though. Remember that some of the best product for managing oily skin are going to dry your skin out to some extent. You need to replace that moisture and trap it in place to counter the effects of those products. The extra moisture also helps protect your skin from the sun and other sources of skin damage in place of the oil barrier your skin is expecting. Keeping your skin properly moisturized is a must as a result. Don’t opt for heavy moisturizers though. Stick to lighter lotions with high quality moisturizing ingredients. These will get the job done without leaving the residue that can lead to blocked pores.

Oily skin is a hassle and there is no denying that. You can take some of the hassle out of it by remembering these tips though when your skin starts being oilier than usual. They’ll help you to take care of your skin the OROGOLD way. Proper, quality products at the right time will ultimately make all the difference when it comes to caring for your oily skin.

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