Living is a messy business in more than a few ways. It is difficult for anyone to actually keep their skin truly clean. Most of our skin care routines actually start with at least two ways of cleaning the skin with more complex routines including a few others. The goal is to simply to get a close to the skin as possible by cutting through the dirt and oil build-up on the skin that happens simply from living. No matter how many products you use, your skin continues to produce oil routinely. Even people with dry skin are constantly producing oils. These oils trap dirt, pollen, and other debris in the air. We clean out faces to get rid of the build-up and reduce our chance of breakouts. There are different ways to handle clearing the build-up away though depending on your tastes.

Rinsing and Cleansing
These two are combined as they are among the most basic options for clearing away the problem. Lukewarm water from the sink splashed across the face repeatedly is typically just warm enough to start breaking up the oils on your skin. This helps to essentially remove the firm layer of oil and dirt. Cleansers are the standard follow-up. These products vary depending on the active ingredients in their formulas. Most of the time you’re looking for ingredients that break up oils, but some specialty cleansers instead focus on breaking up dirt while hydrating the skin. Frequently these cleansers are intended for people with dry skin to help reduce the chance breakouts even if others can use them. Rinsing and cleansing can be used by every skin type providing someone chooses their cleansers effectively.

Exfoliating products are another common option for helping to clean away dirt and oils. This makes sense given most of these products focus on helping to eat away or otherwise break apart oils. Chemical exfoliants are particularly good for helping to actually dissolve the oils. They do require careful use as most chemical exfoliants come with the potential to dry out the skin if overused or used improperly. Those with dry skin should look into using gentler chemical exfoliants as opposed to potent concentrations of hydroxy acids. Physical exfoliants are also an option. These aren’t as useful for directly breaking apart oil and dirt, but they can help loosen these deposits quite easily. They operate by utilizing an abrasive compound to essentially break dead skin and dirt clumps away from the skin. One does need to be careful to utilize gentle scrubs on the face though, such as rice powder, to avoid damaging the skin of the face.

Masks are an interesting hybrid of cleansers and exfoliating products depending on the ingredients put into them. They can do a great deal for the skin. Oil control masks are particularly beneficial when attempting to clean away dirt and oil though as they can help reduce the amount of oil on the skin as well take away from of the concentrated deposits of dirt and oil as they’re rinsed away. Other products are focused on providing a deeper cleaning through the use of chemical exfoliants. These penetrate deep into the skin and gradually work their way through the various layers dirt and oil. By the time they’re done, the build-up should generally come away easily. Masks are typically quite potent though and should only be used occasionally to ensure they provide the most benefit to the skin.

Cleaning away dirt and oil on the skin isn’t actually all that difficult. Most of us do it daily with an occasional boost included from time to time for our skin’s health. You should ensure you’re cleansing daily to maintain your skin’s health, but you can also improve upon the cleanliness of your skin by double or even triple cleansing if you choose to. This involves layering different cleansing options to ensure the skin is truly clean before you get to putting on skin fortifying products. All forms of cleaning the skin are valid. Just don’t get carried away.

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