Whatever the cause of your sensitive skin, it has resulted in damaging the barrier that protects your skin from the outside world, making taking good care of it extremely challenging. To make life slightly easier, OROGOLD has rounded up some great cleansing tips for sensitive skin.

Stay Away From Antimicrobial Cleansers
Antimicrobial cleansers have received plenty of hype, but, what many people don’t realise is that not all bacteria is bad, with some of the bacteria on your skin actually doing you a favor by keeping the more dangerous strains of bacteria far away. OROGOLD strongly advises that you never use an antimicrobial cleanser on your face, as these contain harsh chemicals that will not only dry out your skin, but will also encourage the breeding of even stronger, more harmful bacteria.

Don’t Over Cleanse
The number of times a day that people should be cleansing their face is constantly being debated, but, what everyone can seem to agree on is, over-washing quickly leads to dry skin and irritation. Those with sensitive skin should cleanse their faces just once a day, in the evening, before applying their moisturizer. If you have thoroughly cleansed before going to bed, then you won’t need to cleanse again in the morning, giving your natural oils a chance to build up. The most important thing to do is to strike the correct balance between keeping your skin free of dirt while allowing your body to build up a barrier to protect your skin from the environment.

Woman cleansing her face with a foaming cleanser

Don’t Worry About the Lather
Many believe that unless they’ve worked up a thick lather, their skin isn’t being fully cleansed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as the materials used to make soap suds are usually just detergents and surfactants, which only further break up the oils on your skin. These are the oils that your sensitive skin desperately needs, so don’t let your focus be solely on working up a rich lather.

Be Gentle
Although exfoliation may be important to clear off dead skin cells, you mustn’t forget that there is a reason why your body has produced these cells. These cells help to form the barrier that protects your skin from the environment, and the oils that get scrubbed off with exfoliation are what retains moisture within your skin. Always use the most gentle of skin cleansers to begin with. If you are feeling as though you are having to scrub too hard to clean your face, then it may be worth trying a more potent cleanser.

There are so many different causes to sensitive skin, from the environment to your diet to genetics, that many people are never able to diagnose what causes their specific condition, and simply have to learn the best ways to deal with it throughout their lives. OROGOLD advises that you use as few products as possible, and always test new products out first on a small patch of skin before applying it to your whole face.

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