Anyone can learn to take good care of their skin. It isn’t like the lessons are hidden on a far off mountain top and kept by a sacred order of beauty editors. All the tips you need to learn for great skin are available on the internet providing you’re willing to do the full research to ensure that you don’t use the tips improperly for your skin type. Your skin type determines a lot about more advanced skin care techniques that focus on individualized routines that support your specific skin as best as possible. There are more generalized tips that we can all learn to use while later setting aside the time to customize them. A good example of this is the most basic routine you can do to ensure healthy skin. Cleaning, toning, and then moisturizing from the absolute basics any of us can do. Let’s examine why these steps can be universal and what they do for your skin so you have a clear idea of how they benefit you.

This step is the basis for pretty much every routine. You could, hypothetically, skip cleansing, but it would mean your skin was dirty and that you’re more likely to be hurting your skin than helping it. Cleansing is about removing layers of natural oils, sweat, and grime from your skin before you do anything else in your routine. You typically want to rinse with lukewarm water before cleansing too. This will make the step all the more effective. The cleansing itself is also about improving the effectiveness of your other products as much as it is about preventing buildup on your skin from getting bad enough to cause a breakout. Almost everyone wants to favor a gentle cleansing product. These typically use a light chemical exfoliant in the formula to help break things up effectively. The end result is your skin will have less between it and the rest of the steps.

Toner is one of those product types that we end up talking a lot about, but that not everyone actually uses. You’re not required to use toner, but it does make a good follow-up to cleansing. This is because a high quality toner actually turns right back around from the cleansing and helps replenish some of the barriers that you’ve disrupted by cleansing your skin. They help to soothe the skin with the ingredients they typically use as well as hydrate the skin. You want your skin to be properly moisturized, but we’ll talk about that next. Toners are also well-known for incorporating antioxidant ingredients. These help disrupt free radicals in your skin that would otherwise hurt your skin constantly in small amounts. As a result, toners are, in effect, a product for nourishing your skin with various useful compounds at the same time that they calm the skin to prepare it for any further skincare.

This is one of the vital steps in all routine. That’s because your skin needs moisture. A good amount of moisture in the skin makes it more resilient against damage as well as providing a shielding layer against the effects of sun exposure. Furthermore, a good moisturizer makes an excellent product for sealing the rest of your products close to your skin so that they can work properly even as you go about your day. That’s why almost every routine ends with moisturizing if it is going to do your skin any good. Moisturizers are a bit finicky though when it comes to using them properly as you actually can’t escape the slightly more advanced side of skincare here. You need to match the moisturizer’s “heaviness” to your skin type. Dry skin, for instance, needs moisturizing creams and similar to properly moisturize the skin. Oily skin benefits from light, oil-free products. “Normal” skin is generally relatively free in its choice of product though. That will ensure you get the benefits without your product causing any issues for your skin.

These are the absolute basics when it comes to helping ensure that you get great skin. Cleansing is a must as it helps properly clean the skin and makes it receptive to products. Toning helps replace some of the positive things you accidentally remove when cleansing as well as slightly nourishing the skin. Moisturizing provides a seal that lets your skin be safer from the effects of the outside world and protects the other products you use long enough for them to properly work. Combining the three generally results in a noticeable boost to your skin’s health if you’re going from no routine at all. You can typically notice a boost from just adding one of these as a missing component from your routine. It is up to you to experiment to find out what works best though so that you’ll take your first steps to know what it takes to give you great skin.

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