Finding products that benefit our bodies is that eternal preoccupation that we all share. The needs of our bodies seem to change and shift year by year as time changes us and the climates we’re in change how our bodies respond to particular things. It never stops us from trying to find the right thing to use though even if things become more than a little annoying. One of the things many of us can’t live without is a good deodorant or antiperspirant. They help us look overall cleaner and keep smelling a little better than we might otherwise when we’re in situations that make us sweat. Trying to figure out the right kind of product to use between the two of those can sometimes be a little bit difficult though. The two terms get used interchangeably when they really aren’t. That merits taking a closer look at each of them to help have a clearer idea of what will serve each of us best.

This kind of product is designed to do one thing really well: stop you from sweating as much. The ingredients used in an antiperspirant are good for helping to temporarily block sweat glands to reduce the overall amount of sweat reaching the surface of your skin. Most of the time this tends to be a good option for anyone who sweats excessively. In general, this translates to it being a good option to use before you exercise if you’re doing anything of a particularly high intensity. It will help prevent you from getting as sweaty, but there is a chance that some of the compounds in the antiperspirant, when combined with sweat, can stain the clothing that you’re wearing. That can make it less than idea for some of us. Antiperspirant is also a good choice for anyone with a medical condition that causes them to sweat excessively. You’ll be better able to control the condition and feel more confident about moving around out in public without feeling embarrassed.

Most of the time if you’re not worrying about sweat, you’re likely worrying about the smell that can come with it. Sweat itself doesn’t actually smell. The issue is the bacteria in the sweat. Deodorant is specifically designed to target the bacteria and the bacteria only. This means it won’t block your sweat glands and isn’t likely to stain anything. Admittedly, the typical deodorant is the iconic white stick roll-on kind that doesn’t always work well with darker outfits. A deodorant is a flexible option that will typically be what the majority of us are looking for is we just want to ensure that we smell okay after exerting ourselves or at the end of a long day. The focused nature of these products does present a problem for anyone who wants to both smell okay while minimizing that amount that they’re sweating. Fortunately, combination products exist specifically to solve this problem. There is a consideration that needs to be kept in mind when getting combination products though.

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If you take the time to look at the average stick deodorant in a store, you’re more than likely going to find that it is actually an antiperspirant deodorant. Most people don’t actually like having to choose between the benefits of each product. Combination products all share in a similar fault though: they’re never as strong as the individual products. This generally means you’ll get less effective results overall, but most of us don’t need a super strong dose of antiperspirant or deodorant each day. A combination product tends to serve us just fine. It is worth noting that there is the potential for these products to share the drawbacks found in each product though. Most of the time this just means that your antiperspirant deodorant may also stain your clothes when you’re sweating. Companies are working to move away from some of the compounds responsible for this though and it may eventually no longer be a problem for antiperspirants as a whole.

Most of the time you’re not going to ever need to decide between an antiperspirant or a deodorant. Combination products are so readily available that you can be sure you’ll be able to minimize how much you sweat while still smelling okay at the end of a workout. Those people with sensitive skin or particular allergies may need to make the choice between the two products though. Hopefully this short guide will have provided a clear picture that will help all such people make the best decision for themselves.

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