Moisturizers are relatively simple-seeming products. After all, we apply them while our skin is still wet from a rinse and cleanse or just after a shower to trap extra moisture in our skin. It helps to keep our skin healthy, firm, and overall more resilient. Moisturizers are a lot more complicated of a product class than most people give them credit for though. There are four broad categories of compound that get used that each has their own specialties while within those categories the products can each be used on different body parts to greater effect. Some moisturizers are literally more suitable for one area of your body over another. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to figure out what kind of traits you need to look for in a moisturizer to best match it to a particular area. We’ve got a quick overview to help give you a clearer idea of what to use wear to help remove some confusion.

Facial Moisturizers
Picking the right moisturizer for your face is tricky business. This is thanks to the overall thinner and more sensitive skin of the face. So much of it will react in a more pronounced way than other options that it is relatively easy for one bad selection to lead to skin issues. Unfortunately, that also means we all have to be even more dedicated to picking the correct moisturizer to stop the problem. Your skin type is the key deciding factor when it comes to a facial moisturizer. People with dry skin are going to want to favor a rich, oil-based face cream to provide the best seal. Average skin is likely to benefit from lotions or creams. Oily skin is a bit finicky as it frequently requires using something even lighter than a lotion and most of the time this comes down to hydrating toners that have no oils in them. Properly picking the right moisturizer will help keep some of your most visible skin healthy and ready to face the world.

Hand Moisturizers
Most of us are fairly familiar with moisturizing our hands. There are plenty of lotions out there for just that. These tend to do a serviceable job and keep hands from being terribly badly off, but hand creams tend to be better. Like your face, your hands are subjected to the environment far more than the rest of your skin and move constantly. This causes creases in the skin that can deepen readily. They’re also more likely to dry out than the rest of your skin. Due to this, it is frequently in your best interest to give them the best care possible. Most skin types can benefit from a hand cream as, like the rest of your body, the skin of your hands is a more resilient than the skin of your face. A good hand cream will keep your hands soft and prevent any obvious lines and folds forming easily. The rest of your body tends to be a little less finicky though.

Woman applying body moisturizer

Body Moisturizers
Coverage is one of the most important parts to consider when moisturizing your body. There is a lot of surface area to consider. That generally means that lotions are going to be your best friends when it comes to helping to keep your body properly moisturized. Lotions spread easily and come in a number of forms that allow you to tailor your choice of lotion to your skin’s particular needs. However, we do need to stress that there are a few exceptions to this general rule thanks to the overall number of places on the human body. The decolletage, that is to say, the area between the neck and breasts, tends to benefit from the same care as the face as the skin tends to be comparatively sensitive and special care helps it deal with environmental exposure better. The soles of the feet are the other major exception. Feet are continually subjected to friction and as a result, tend to benefit from creams more than anything. These are able to actually get through the layers of rough, dead skin better to keep the skin softer.

Choosing the right moisturizer for the right area of one’s body goes a long way towards keeping the skin healthy. Your skin varies in thickness and sensitivity all across your body. Remembering that will help prevent unwanted skin issues. Remember that any area that isn’t regularly protected by clothing is taking more damage that the rest of your skin and needs extra consideration. Keeping everything we’ve highlighted in mind will help you keep your skin looking its best for a long time to come.

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