Moisturizers are an important part of skincare. All skin needs to be moisturized regularly to ensure that it remains healthy. This applies even to oily skin. It seems counterintuitive given all the natural oils that oily skin products, but it is true. We often do our best to control oil production for oily skin. This can lead to drying the skin out when we use particularly oil control products. You can always use relatively common moisturizers, but this can easily lead to breakouts by compounding oily skin’s natural issues even with oil control. This makes it a good idea to invest in acquiring moisturizers that are actually good for oily skin. Fortunately, there are a few basic rules that you can use to narrow down your choices to find a good moisturizer.

Go Oil-Free
The biggest thing to look for is an oil-free moisturizer. Oils are common ingredients as they are rich and capable of helping moisturize the skin in a healthy way for most people. Oily skin is trying to control oils though and this makes adding more oils to the mix unadvisable. They’ll build up with the rest of the oils and cause a breakout much more readily. Fortunately, oil-free moisturizers aren’t terribly uncommon and you can find one outside of specialty stores if you absolutely must. These products are frequently water-based, but also they often utilize particular chemicals or extracts to help trap the moisture next to the skin. The products are often relatively easy to spread as a result and don’t carry the same risks as some moisturizers when it comes to causing a breakout.

In that same vein, make sure to find a moisturizer that is noncomedogenic. Remember that oily skin doesn’t need an encouragement to cause pores to clog. All it needs is to be left alone or not cared for appropriately. The natural oils will collect airborne grime and quickly cause pores to get clogged. This is where finding products, especially moisturizers, that won’t clog your pores in particularly important. Water-based products are typically better, but you’ll want to look specifically for this word to be sure. Remember that moisturizers, even thin ones, are meant to sit on the skin and trap moisture rather than soaking in and vanishing. They typically evaporate off. A product like this will go a long way to helping you maintain your skin’s moisture effectively without hurting your skin.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients
You’ll want to look for ingredients in the moisturizer that offer a little oil control on top of their moisturizing. Ingredients like vitamin C in particular, can be important in this regard. It is slightly acidic without taking it to the same extent as a cleanser. This can allow a moisturizer to moisturize without promoting an abundance of oil better than other options. You’ll also want to keep an eye open for further ingredients like willow bark extract. It has natural astringent properties that can allow the skin to be moisturized while offering lingering oil control to assist throughout the day. It offers the ability to create a subtle hybrid product to maintain your skin’s health. Other ingredients are available as well such as aloe vera that can provide moisturization with a side of antibacterial compounds that can also help fight against the results of oily skin.

Even people with oily skin need to take care of their skin appropriately by moisturizing it regularly. There are simply a few extra considerations when it comes to looking after oily skin properly. Moisturizers require a very distinct care to ensure they don’t accidentally contribute to the problems of oily skin. A few simple rules are all it takes to properly select a product though. Keep these in mind and you can keep your oil under control without your skin drying out.

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