Moisturizing your skin is one of those most basic of skincare tasks that many of us end up doing without ever really thinking about it. It is simply something that we do. That’s an important trait to have in the long run due to the fact that our skin needs regularly moisturizing to keep it healthy. This becomes increasingly true as we age and it becomes hard for our skin to retain moisture like it once did. Admittedly, there is a bit of an art to learning how to moisturize appropriately. There are various levels of moisturizer that are each good for particular skin types and areas. Using the right one for the right are goes a long way towards making your routine moisturizing far more effective. We’ve got a quick look at how to choose the right moisturizer so that we can all have a clear idea of what moisturizer is best used by each of us to keep our skin as healthy as possible.

Body Butter and Creams
These two products have the distinction of being some of the thickest and most moisturizing products available. They do have separate uses though. Body butter tends to be able to be used by a variety of skin types thanks to the simple fact that they’re meant for the body. The skin of your body is thicker and more resilient than that of your face and a handful of other places and as a result, can better handle products your face can’t. This makes butter ideal for drier skin types, but especially intensely dry or rough areas such as the bottoms of the feet and the hands. They can help restore softness and suppleness to the skin relatively easily. Creams tend to be dry to average skin only product as they are most frequently used for the face, but creams for other areas do exist. Creams spread a little better than butter and provide a good seal without the extreme potency of a butter. Both are quite effective at what they do.

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Body Oils and Lotions
How easily spread a product is tends to be a big part of how easy it is to use. Body oils are among the easiest products to use for this very reason. A small amount of them goes a long way and provides rich moisturizing to the skin. They do tend to share some of the same rules are body butter though. The amount of oil means they’re best used on more resilient skin and kept away from sensitive areas. Oils are also best used by using them on skin types other than oily to avoid causing any problems. Their effectiveness isn’t as high as a butter or a cream, but they are good for helping to maintain skin that is in an environment that dries skin out quickly. Lotion is a more common option and has an advantage of body oils: it can be oil-based or water-based. This allows lotions to be used by most skin types providing people with oily skin favor water-based lotions. Lotions are easily spread and actually work better for skin leaning towards oily thanks to being lighter and less likely to cause clogged pores.

These versatile products can fill a number of roles in skincare depending on their particular formula. One of their best roles is as a way of moisturizing the skin. Oily skin, like all skin types, needs to be moisturized regularly, but most moisturizing products end up having the potential to cause problems. This is because many moisturizers tend to be oil based and as a result, they end up contributing to clogged pores and other problems on accident. A moisturizing toner, by contrast, is an incredibly light product that moisturizes and evaporates away from the skin relatively quickly. This allows it to provide the extra push that oily skin needs without overstaying its welcome and causing issues. It may not be the most traditional kind of moisturizer, but it is highly effective at what it does when used appropriately. We do need to stress that this tends to be the best option for people with highly oily skin as other products are more likely to cause issues for the face.

Choosing the right moisturizer for a given part of your body will help to keep it healthy. It is simply a matter of making sure that the skin gets the treatment that it needs. Some areas are drier than others while others accumulate more oil. Learning to balance the use of your choice in moisturizers will help to keep your skin happy and healthy over the course of your life.

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