Taking care of your skin in a city can be a difficult proposition all on its own. There are plenty of urban hazards that most of us don’t think about from tons of reflective surfaces to dirty environments to random encounters with the problem of the day. All of these contribute to making it just that much harder to take proper care of your skin. It only gets worse when you’re in a high pollution area too. These cities tends to have pollution alerts that provide emphasis on the days when things are particularly bad. Exposure on these days tends to be terrible for your skin for countless little reasons that you won’t ever seen until they cause a problem. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick overview for our urbanite friends in larger cities. This should hopefully point you in the right direction for allowing your skin to be its best even in the face of rampant pollution.

Particles Everywhere
One of the bigger issues with urban living is continual exposure to particulate matter. This is a generic term meant to cover all matter that has become finely ground enough that air can pick it up and move it through itself. To us it initially seems like a non-issue until we take a much closer look at our skin. We apply abrasive things to our skin fairly regularly in the form of scrubs. These provide a little extra exfoliating power that supports our skin’s natural shedding. It is possible to go too far with exfoliating though. When we over-exfoliate, this same benefit begins to pick at the sensitive, healthy skin beneath and can end up causing invisible scarring that reduces our skin’s overall health. Microparticles in the air from ground up materials on the road and other pollution sources moving through the air do much the same to our skin if we don’t take steps to protect it. This microscopic level scarring leads to a far higher chance of premature aging. It isn’t the only facet of pollution that we must worry about either.

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Twisting In The Wind
The other major threat of heavily polluted areas lies in the air as well. All the vehicles and factories of urban living come with a cost. They release fumes into the air that drift around along with the previously covered particulate matter. These fumes can be particularly difficult to deal with as they the tend to combine with oxygen at towards ground level and can end up creating pockets of ozone. This compound is devastating to skin when it comes into contact with it. It can dry and otherwise damage the skin as well as introducing compounds to the surface of the skin that will degrade its overall health. Ozone isn’t the only problem though. The fumes themselves can do similar things when allowed to rest on the skin as well. That makes pollution aware skincare vital for anyone living in a high pollution area. Otherwise you might end up facing the signs of aging many years in advance of the normal time. Fortunately, this doesn’t always require specialized products or intense routines.

Protecting Your Skin
One of the biggest threats of pollution exposure is actually the same as sun exposure: the introduction of free radicals into your skin. These become a source of continual damage within the skin that gradually weaken your body’s ability to actually maintain your skin. The most popular target for free radicals is the collagen within your skin. As a primary structural protein, collagen is required for helping to keep your skin firm and youthful over time. Adding to its depletion doesn’t do you any favors. That means anti-aging and other antioxidant-rich products are perfect for pollution fighting skincare. You’ll also want to look into investing in establishing good habits. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to remember to always apply sunscreen or moisturizer. It is particular important in high pollution areas that the product will provide an extra barrier things have to get through to reach your skin. What makes that even better is that you’ll be able to wipe off all the things that would have otherwise reached your skin at the end of the day.

Protecting your skin from pollution is about more than avoiding the outdoors during days where the warnings go up. It is also about being away of the effects pollution has on your skin and getting and staying ahead of them. The right product can minimize pollution’s impact while make it easier for your skin to defend itself. Making the effort will pay off in the long run even if you don’t see an immediate changes.

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