Cancer is one of the more terrifying words that we are all sadly familiar with on some level. Whether it was you, a relative, or a friend, the touch of the ailment tends to have a way of reaching everyone near the person to actually suffer from it. It is the way that various kinds of cancer seem to corrupt life itself. We see the life and energy drained away and it leaves us all feeling lesser regardless of whether it is us or not. Fortunately, modern medicine has begun to make many kinds of cancer a little less terrifying for everyone involved. We have ways to fight back the help us to ensure that there is almost always a fighting chance. The downside is that many of these options do tend to hurt our body to kill the cancer. Chemotherapy is particularly notorious for the possible illness and infirmity it brings with it during treatment. Organizations such as “Look Good Feel Better” exist to help people continue to see themselves and not lose hope even through the rigors of such treatments though.

The Project
Look Good Feel Better is a collaborative project that brings together the American Cancer Society as well as two major beauty industry organizations. The goal is to help anyone undergoing cancer treatment to figure out ways to cope with the changes to their appearance and how to counteract some of the worst aspects in hopes of restoring confidence and happiness. Cancer and its treatment are troubling enough without adding confidence issues into the mix or feeling like you don’t look as good as your could. The primary arm of the project focuses on providing women with access to workshops that cover appropriate skincare and beauty tips for use during treatment. It does have other arms of the program that help provide direction to both men and teenagers as well. The information shared varies depending on the actual program though. For our purposes, let’s discuss the primary arm of Look Good Feel Better.

Group of friends
In the spirit of openness, Look Good Feel Better tends to offer their workshops for free on the organization’s site. They use video workshops that allow anyone to follow along at their own pace as they learn appropriate information. This ability to self-select helps offer cancer patients a way to ensure they get the information relevant to them when they need it without taking up an excess amount of their potentially limited energy. Video topics tend to cover the changes you should expect over the course of treatment to hair, skin, and nails. Discussing the changes is only part of the workshops though. They also focus on providing ways to counter these effects through the various elements of style and beauty. Special attention is paid to ensuring women know how to maintain relatively lively looking and healthy appearances despite treatment. There are also tips on things like how to pick out a realistic wig and the best kinds for anyone experiencing hair loss due to treatment. In general, the goal is to ensure you have the help available when you want it without needing to look too far. The project does offer a bit more beyond that though.

Look Good Feel Better’s contributing organizations includes the Professional Beauty Association. It is composed of many beauty professionals ranging from salons to spas and still other options. This gives Look Good Feel Better access to their membership for more personalized options beyond digital workshops. You can actually call a hotline to be put in touch with local volunteering members that will offer you a one-on-one consultation. Most of the volunteers are cosmetologists. As a result, they are generally going to focus on helping you learn to make the most of your makeup to help disguise dark circles, improve color, and other give the appearance of good health. The one-on-one approach allows you to have someone in the room to help ensure that you have a clear understanding of the techniques being described and how to get the results that you want. You’ll typically have the best luck if you’re calling the hotline from a major metropolitan area as there will be more options.

Yes, cancer is terrifying. Yes, treating it can be equally terrifying. And, yes, dealing with all the side effects of treatment can be demoralizing, but you don’t need to accept that. You can work with organizations such as Look Good Feel Better to find a way to keep smiling through the disease. Being able to see a healthy and happy you will help you psychologically and make recovery that much easier. So remember that you do not need to suffer and feel you can no longer see yourself just because of an illness. There are people who can help.




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