Taking proper care of the skin is one of our higher priorities. It allows all of us to keep looking our best for longer and defy time and various kinds of exposure while keeping our skin healthy. There’s a good reason to be so obsessed with proper skin care. A great deal of premature aging is the result of skin damage. The sun, dry air, skin conditions, and other factors all continually work against our goals of keeping our skin as healthy as possible. Each source inflicts a tiny amount of damage to the skin related to the source. These tiny bits of damage slowly add up and are what adds years on. If damage is a big culprit, then is there a way to reverse skin damage? This is a logical question, but has a relatively complicated answer due to how the skin works. We’re taking the time to look into this question to give you a clearer understanding of your skin and things you can do to help protect it.

How Is It Complicated?
The truth is that your skin, like much of your body, repairs itself constantly. Your skin’s cell turnover rate is particularly evident in the fact that the outermost defensive layer of your skin is composed of layers of dead skin cells. This natural shedding provides shielding and allows your body to get rid of damaged cells routinely. In many ways, this helps reverse a number of forms of skin damage. It helps repair wounds and smooth out other areas simply due to your body’s natural processes. In addition, your body continually makes various proteins and other compounds from your diet that allow your skin to further patch up damage. This is particularly true when it comes to collagen where the constant production of the protein is what keeps your face firm and maintains its structure. However, the systems aren’t perfect. They age along with the rest of our bodies and can be subjected to damage to great to function properly.

The Limits of Repairs
When you’re young, your body is operating as effectively as it possibly can. The skin of an infant, in particular, retains far more moisture and repairs itself far better than an adult. Over the course of our lives, all the repair systems in your skin slowly become less and less capable. Skin is less able to trap moisture on its own. This is why we moisturize routinely in skin care. Your skin gradually produces less and less collagen and has trouble filling in areas of damage. This, in turn, is why we use anti-aging products. Skin care products exist to boost the natural functions of your skin. However, all they can do is boost them. There is nothing that is capable of fully restoring the various repair capabilities of your skin in full defiance of time. As a result, we’re constantly caught in trying to prevent damage from being so great that we age prematurely while striving to keep our skin being as effective as possible. This is why many maintain carefully coordinated skin care routines.

Mixed Results
In many ways, yes, we can reverse skin damage to a degree. Modern treatments offer us better ways to help the skin help itself, but fully repairing everything is ultimately beyond us. At best, we can temporarily repair a lot of skin damage. There is nothing to fully restore the skin. Maintaining a good skin care routine is the best option that you have for helping minimize and repair what damage you can. Aim to age gracefully as that is the only thing we can ultimately do thanks to skin damage. People are continually experimenting with new and better treatments for the skin as well as ways to defy aging itself. This “yes” and “no” answer could easily be wrong within the space of a few years or hold true for decades yet depending on how research goes.

Most damage is always with us to a degree. Your body can do a lot to remove it and disguise it, but there are lasting marks from any sufficiently strong source of damage. We can help the body to repair and seem to reverse it, but the damage was done. You should keep maintaining your skin care routine and remember to use sunscreen routinely. Guarding against damage is your best bet when it comes to keeping your skin healthy rather than hoping for a way to perfectly reverse damage previously done.

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