Collagen is a key structural protein in your body. It gets used to support countless things including your joints, your spine, and your skin. Collagen is necessary to keep your body working properly and keeping it in proper working order. Unfortunately, your body gradually slowly produces less and less collagen as you age. It has difficulty keeping up with the demands your body is making on production to keep everything repaired too. This leads to a situation where less important areas of your body, such as your skin, get a smaller supply of it. Working to maintain and boost your supply of collagen is necessary to keep your skin healthy and maintain a healthy glow though. This isn’t as hard as you might think. Collagen responds well to a few particular nutrients and actions. Using these will go a long way towards helping you ensure you have healthy glowing skin for years and thereby help ensure you age all the more gracefully.

Vitamin C
This is one of the best options available to us when it comes to boosting collagen production. Vitamin C is one of the big three skin supporting vitamins and actually provides a variety of benefits. Most of them eventually come back around to supporting your skin’s natural healing process though. It does this by being able to be readily broken down by your body into the materials necessary to actually produce collagen. Topical vitamin C ends up being an incredibly beneficial because it helps bypass the rest of the body processing the vitamin. Getting vitamin C in your diet will help, yes, but then your skin needs to compete with the rest of your body to get enough of it to actually keep the skin healthy. Topical products give the nutrient right to your skin and let more localized processes handle the processing. It allows you to target particular areas for a boost to collagen production. As good as vitamin C is for your skin, there are still other options available to you as well.

Smiling woman getting a massage

It doesn’t necessarily make much sense to everyone how a massage can help their skin. The truth is that it is exactly what your skin needs sometimes. Massages do wonders to help stimulate blood flow through your skin. This alone is enough to prompt better health in your skin as it encourages a boost to collagen production. The trick to making the most of this is to get semi-regular massages to get a consistent boost. You can generally get away with having one done once or twice a month, but you can get a little more through more frequent massages. It is worth noting that the benefits here are twofold. The boost to collagen production will keep your skin firm and youthful while the boost to circulation will help support a natural glow. That is what makes massages so good for your skin in the long run. Pairing them with topical vitamin C and other skin friendly products will make the results even better. You do have one other major option for support collagen production though.

Living Well
A healthy lifestyle will also go a long way towards helping to ensure your skin gets a collagen boost. We highlighted above that simply eating a source of supportive nutrients leads to them being distributed throughout your body as needed. This tends to be bad for trying to get a targeted use from a particular nutrient, but a healthy overall diet tends to do wonders for collagen production. Vitamin C isn’t the only nutrient that supports your skin’s overall health. A balanced will get you everything your skin needs, but you’ll want to ensure that your body properly distributes all those nutrients. You can do this by ensuring that you’re regularly exercising. Exercise, like massages, will boost your overall circulation. Ensuring a healthier circulation helps to reduce the chances that your body will unequally distribute the nutrients. Additionally, you’ll be further encouraging a healthy natural color even as you’re supporting collagen production.

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Maintaining healthy collagen production goes a long way towards ensuring your skin stays healthy. It primarily helps by ensuring your skin remains firm and youthful, but it can also support a natural, healthy glow as well by keeping your skin properly firm. The various methods you can use to support collagen production will also support a healthy glow through ensuring your body has plenty of nutrients and improved circulation. All of this just goes to show your skin is as complex of an organ as any others and proper care can go a long way.

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