The moment we think of broth, we often remember those beef and chicken broths that can be found in most supermarkets. However, these broths are known to be full of preservatives, which means that they are very low on nutrients. Experts have recently come up with an exciting alternative to broths – the bone broth. Bone broth has emerged as an exciting new superfood that contains essential nutrients such as gelatin, collagen, and glucosamine, nutrients that are virtually absent from the Western diet. This article from OROGOLD Cosmetics examines bone broths as an ideal superfood to add into your everyday diet.

Is Bone Broth Really A Superfood?
Bone broth has recently been termed as the foundation for a GAPS diet because it helps in healing one’s gut. This diet is often used to treat disorders originating in the gut as well as autism among children. However, it can benefit anyone who doesn’t enjoy optimal gut health. When the intestinal lining gets damaged because of a leaky gut, the microvilli cells are unable to carry out their functions properly. As a result, these cells fail to utilize the enzymes and nutrients that are essential for proper digestion. Eventually, as the digestive system gets damaged, the absorption of key nutrients gets affected. This makes the body more susceptible to attacks by foreign elements and makes you prone to issues such as allergic reactions, inflammation, and other diseases. Bone broth has been found to offer immune-optimizing components that often act as the building blocks for treating autoimmune diseases. Moreover, bone broth can be easily digested as well, making it easier to protect your body from ailments and diseases.

How Bone Broth Works?
When the bones are boiled and roasted in the broth, bone marrow gets released. Bone marrow is considered to be extremely rich in minerals and nutrients which are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Moreover, bone broth is also known to be an excellent source of amino acids. These proteins are used for all sorts of functions such as making neurotransmitters, building muscle and creating hormones. However, the most important feature of bone broth is that it is rich in gelatin and collagen. Collagen, as you are already aware, is essential for younger looking skin; whereas gelatin can be used to strengthen your hair and your fingernails. More research might be needed before it can be determined exactly how much benefits bone broths have to offer, but with stars such as Kobe Bryant swearing by this miracle superfood, its popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon.

Bone broth on a stove.

Benefits of Adding Bone Broth Into Your Diet
Bone broths are believed to offer all sorts of benefits to your skin and your health. ORO GOLD examines some of the main ones below.

  1. Treasure Trove of Minerals
    Bone broths are full of phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. They are also known to contain amino acids and gelatin. And since they get easily absorbed, they work as the perfect health tonic for your body.
  2. Beneficial For the Gut
    The mineral rich content means that bone broth is particularly useful in helping you to improve your digestion. Gelatin and collagen help in healing and soothing your gut while glutamine acids help in protecting its lining and improving muscle health.
  3. Beautiful Looking Skin
    Another exciting benefit that bone broth has to offer is that it helps you keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. Since bone broth is rich in collagen, proline and glycine amino acids, it can boost your skin’s elasticity and make it look more youthful. The collagen also keeps the wrinkles away and prevents issues such as cellulite and sagging skin.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
    Bone broth has a number of ingredients that offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of the most important ones include proline and glycine. This also makes bone broths an excellent remedy for people who suffer from joint inflammation during the winter months.
  5. Boosts Immunity
    Since bone broth is anti-inflammatory for your respiratory system, it can ease respiratory tract infections. Moreover, bone broth can also prove to be beneficial for addressing adrenaline fatigue and soothing everyday stress.

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