Keeping your skin at its best is a constant job, and we all wish we could take a break once in a while. This is particularly true for anyone dealing with chronic skin conditions or stubborn problem areas. Taking a break really isn’t an option, but there are a few tips that OROGOLD can offer to help at least let you worry less if you want to cut a few steps that seem less necessary than they once did. These are very general rules that anyone can use to support their skin remaining soft and supple to the touch. There is one tip we’ll offer outside of the list that needs to always be remembered even if you forget the following ones: always wear sunscreen.

Cleanse and Exfoliate
These two suggestions go together. You should never forget to cleanse your skin routinely. Living your life necessarily leads to a build up of dirt and other things on your skin that get caught in your skin’s natural oils. If you don’t routinely cleanse, they can clog up your pores. This leads to breakouts and can cause your skin to look and feel rougher than you like. As a result, try to clean at least once a day for best results, but cleansing both when you wake up and before your go to bed will get you the best results. Similarly, try to exfoliate your skin twice a week. This helps clean deeper in pores when cleansing misses things. It also helps remove excess dead skin cells from your skin to reveal softer and healthier skin beneath.

Moisturize and Protect Your Skin
Keeping your skin properly moisturized is one of the very best things you can do to keep your skin soft and supple. Your skin absolutely needs moisture or it begins to dry and crack. This can permanently damage your skin and looks terrible on top of it. Drinking the right amount of water is just one requirement for properly moisturized skin though. If you have a regular skin care routine, some products, by their nature, do dry out your skin and so do certain soaps. So applying moisturizer after you bathe is a must. Also, keep your skin covered when you’re outside. Sunscreen is good, but a layer of clothing protects your skin even more than just sunscreen. Try to stick to looser clothing to avoid it rubbing your skin excessively as that can lead to irritation and dry skin.

Eat Right 
There is no question about the benefits of eating right. Your skin is part of your body and is supported when you’re taking care of your body right. Focus on eating a balanced diet free of excessive amounts of sugars. Go for an antioxidant-rich diet. Add olive oil in your salads and breads. Fall’s just around the corner, so now might be the time to try out some pumpkin recipes. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and E, and we don’t even need to mention the benefits that these vitamins have to offer. Additionally, try to phase out excess alcohol from your meals. A glass now and then is fine, but too much routine alcohol consumption can hurt you.

Keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy isn’t all that hard. It just requires you to make a commitment to particular lifestyle habits. A little extra research and you can be supporting your skin’s health in no time.


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      Donna tullar

      i have very sensitive skin with large pores and long history of cystic acne that continues to present day & I’m 59 yo. I had an Orogold facial and was soon grateful for the experience! I felt like my skin was truly deep cleansed & nourished afterward.
      I’m starting a whole new regimen and approach to my skin care.

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      look like a really good product can’t wait to try my sample

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      Amazing skin care line!! Can’t say enough about these products. Thank you for making my skin look so radiant and beautiful everyday

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      Sally Ann Fry

      I tried this product and have like mostly results. It is pricey but was willing to sacrifice my finance for a good product. I have bought 3 different sets and facials have been done to teach me the correct procedure to apply and as to layers of product. I hope in a year, which when u purchase this product , u buy enough for a year. That I will look younger than I am. I’m elderly

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