Hyperpigmentation is a vexing problem whether its from sun damage or a benign skin condition like melasma. It disrupts the overall tone of your skin and can draw the eye places that you don’t want it. This is why so many of us enjoy using brightening products as part of our skin care routine. They help even out pigmentation issues over time and often include skin fortifying ingredients that help deal with any effects from the brightening agents. If you’re living an OROGOLD lifestyle though, then you likely want to be using the best ingredients possible when you’re trying to deal with dark spots. A quality product is only as good as its ingredients. It can be a bit tricky to isolate what are the best since treating dark spots is often a multi-product affair, but we’ve picked out some of the best for a quick overview. This should give you a clear idea of what to look for and what that ingredient will be doing for your skin.

Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid
Dark spots just get darker when we expose them to sunlight. That’s one of the truly annoying aspects of treating hyperpigmentation. Without trying to stall melanin production, the problem will persist and you’ll be left trying to fight the pigmentation issue while at the same time dealing with it getting worse due to sunlight. That’s where ingredients like hydroquinone and kojic acid come into play. They actually get into the skin and disrupt the production of melanin at a cellular level where they are applied. This, in turn, means that the dark spots can’t get darker as long as you use the products as directed. Hydroquinone is particularly potent, but it isn’t always a good choice for people of darker skin colors as it can cause other pigmentation issues. Kojic acid is generally good with all skin colors and has the bonus of cleaning the area to make any further products used more effective. Neither of these ingredients is a proper exfoliator though.

Hydroxy Acids
Exfoliation is an important part of reducing the visibility of dark spots. As a result, you generally want to favor chemical exfoliants when trying to brighten your skin. These penetrate deep into the skin and help encourage the skin’s natural cycle of shedding while removing outer layers of dead skin. Continual use of these products helps to gradually lighten dark spots by allowing them to be shed one layer of skin at a time. Those familiar with quality OROGOLD products are aware that most chemical exfoliating effects rely on building up their effects over time. As a result, you’ll need to maintain the use of an exfoliator and melanin suppressing product for a while to noticeably lighten or remove hyperpigmentation. The exception to this rule is if you have a deep peel. Over-the-counter peels can make the brightening process faster, but you’ll get noticeable brightening even faster if you have a peel supervised by a dermatologist or another skin professional.

Vitamins C & E
Another good set of ingredients to look for when trying to brighten your skin are these vitamins. They are highly skin friendly and support your skin’s overall health in numerous ways. Vitamin C in particular also helps encourage the skin’s natural shedding when used topically. However, one of their best uses in the fight against dark spots is the fact that both of them are potent antioxidants. They help neutralize free radicals in the skin to prevent the sun from doing lasting damage even after you’ve gotten out of direct sunlight. Routinely using products rich in these is important whether you’re using a melanin suppressing product or not. They help your skin protect and regenerate from sun damage. Using products rich in them in combination with some of the other ingredients listed here will certainly help put your skin on the path to eliminating dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation may be a problematic issue, but all it takes is patience to overcome. A good selection of products combined with a solid skin care routine will gradually diminish and perhaps entirely fade most dark spots. In the meantime, you can utilize various makeup tricks to disguise particularly noticeable areas of hyperpigmentation to maintain the look you desire. OROGOLD enthusiasts should remember that their skin requires consistent care and dedication. To get the most out of any treatment routine, you must be willing to stick to it for however long it takes. The end results will be beautiful and clear skin.

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