Oily skin is a pain until you learn to manage it. Then it just becomes a bit unnerving when you want to try new products, but aren’t sure what you should be looking for to keep your skin under control outside of the products you’ve already determined work. No one ever wants to chance an unexpected and difficult to treat breakout. OROGOLD doesn’t blame you for your hesitation. Many people with oily skin have a fierce loyalty to “their” products. You don’t have to feel restricted to them, though. We’ve put together a short list of ingredients to look for when you’re looking to change or expand your product choice. These will help you keep your oily skin under control while still supporting its overall health.

Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and Salicylic Acid)
Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic and citric acid do wonders for oily skin. The acids are able to eat through and dissolve your skin’s natural oil barrier and get to your pores to help clear them out. Dirt, grime, and bacteria are all subject to the power of a good AHA and there are more beyond just those two that appear in skin care products. If your skin is particularly oily though, you’ll want to look for salicylic acid in your product choice. Salicylic acid is the main beta hydroxy acid used in skin care and is everything AHAs are and more. Its more potent nature means it is even more effective at the same tasks. This does come with a drawback, though. You need to make sure your moisturize well after using salicylic acid as it can dry out skin with relative ease if you don’t use it properly.

Hyaluronic Acid
Keeping your skin moisturized is still a problem you need to worry about with oily skin. Too little moisture in your skin makes your skin produce more oil. The trick is that you don’t want to use too heavy of a product to likewise avoid promoting skin problem by sealing the oil in your pores. Look for light moisturizing products that use hyaluronic acid. Unlike hydroxy acids, this acid does wonders for storing and distributing moisture instead of banishing it. OROGOLD would like to note that hyaluronic acid is actually one of the best ingredients in cosmetics for moisturizing and it doesn’t even require a high concentration to achieve this effect. A good product will be a lotion you can apply quickly after cleansing and then not need to worry about until you cleanse again.

Benzoyl Peroxide
This last ingredient is one of the more versatile ones in skin care and beauty. You need to keep a close eye on your skin when using products containing it as it is similar to salicylic acid in that its potency can negatively impact your skin if you’re not careful. Benzoyl peroxide is both a chemical exfoliant and a sanitizer. It helps deal with the kind of bacteria buildup that leads to acne and readily occurs with oily skin. Try looking specifically for makeup products made for oily skin and you’ll generally find this ingredient in them. Most of the time you see it outside of makeup though, you will find it being used as a potent spot treatment. Just remember to keep in mind the signs of dry, irritated skin when using it. This will let you prevent an unexpected breakout from drying your skin out.

There are other useful ingredients when it comes to containing oily skin, but these are some of the very best. Ingredient lists are available on all quality products and OROGOLD strongly encourages you to use them to find the products most suitable for your skin type. Taking care of your skin does take a bit of effort, but is a rewarding thing as it allows you to see the best you more often than you might think possible. Oily skin doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of breakouts. It just means a lifetime of loving your skin the best way you can.


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