Cleansing is a standard part of most of our skin care routines. This is because we need to take proper care of our skin by cleaning it. Cleansing serves the function of removing some of the sweat and grime that builds up on our skin between the times we cleanse. It is useful and allows the rest of our products to operate effectively. You can do better than a basic cleanse though. Double cleansing is increasing popular. This technique is largely drawn from Korean skincare tips. It helps to provide that much more of an edge in helping to keep your skin healthy. Not everyone knows the potential benefits of a double cleanse and why they might want to consider one. We’re going to go into detail on that so that you can make an informed choice on whether you want to try without it being based entirely on a trend.

Cleaner than Clean
The most obvious benefit to a double cleanse is that it cleans your skin more thoroughly than a single cleanse. This is because it incorporates two separate kinds of cleansers. Most guides encourage you to start with an oil based cleanser. This kind of cleanser is meant specifically for breaking up natural oils on your skin while also helps break up any areas where they’ve accumulated debris into a mass. Anyone savvy about their skincare knows this makes sense and has likely used an oil-based cleanser for just that reason. The trick is that you follow it up with a water-based cleanser. These are capable of working on lingering sweat and basic grime. Your oil-based cleanser is, in effect, remove a layer of unwelcome additions on your skin before you follow up with a finishing cleanse to remove anything that’s left. It leaves your skin extra clean and ready for whatever else you want to follow up cleansing with.

A Better Effect
This extra cleanliness is actually perfect for those of us fond of using nourishing products on our skin. Anti-aging products in particular gain an extra benefit from being applied to properly cleaned skin. This is because the products have more direct access to the skin. Fewer barriers between the product and your skin means more of it has the chance to seep into your skin and do its job. As a result, you can expect a more pronounced effect over the long term than you otherwise would. Serums are a particularly good follow-up choice after a double cleanse specifically for this reason. Such products are quite light and evaporate quickly from the skin with little time to sink in. Removing the barriers to it reaching your skin makes such potent products a better investment. It will also mean that sealing products closer to your skin with heavier products will also be a bit more effective as well.

Fewer Skin Problems
As far as effects go, better skin health is a given when it comes to a double cleanse. This approach to cleansing helps to guard against traditional skincare issues. Acne, for instance, has a harder time finding and spreading in an environment that helps if you’re being truly thorough in cleaning your skin. There’s less chance for any kind of buildup lasting on your skin when you’re double cleansing too. It is a particular friend to those of us who like to use makeup. Try as we might, we tend to miss some now and again. Missed makeup can contribute to breakout or even gradual discoloration of the skin. Fortunately, the double cleanse will target the most common makeup bases and ensure they get removed properly even if we missed a little something the night before when we were taking it off. In general, think of double cleansing as an effective system that checks for its own errors. It is hard to miss the same spot twice in a row, after all.

Double cleansing is actually quite useful despite currently being trendy. The potential for gain is there, but it is up to you whether you want to engage in the habit. It does bear stressing that double cleansing can, in some cases, lead to drier skin if you’re not careful. Remember to moisturize effectively to offset this. Staying aware of what your skin is telling you while experimenting with double cleansing may just be the skin care tip you need for healthier skin.

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