It is easy to make mistakes in your beauty routine. This is because learning to go through the proper steps for skin care is an ongoing process. We all go through various stages in our life where our skincare knowledge changes. We generally start out with some very basic knowledge passed on to us by older relatives or friends that are trying to help, but it is generally fairly generalized knowledge. Eventually, we realize that general knowledge won’t be enough to keep our skin healthy and happy. That’s when we start digging for more specialized knowledge that is actually based on our skin’s needs specifically. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in this that can lead to a lot of mistakes as we learn what works and what doesn’t. These mistakes a frequently frustrating and sometimes they aren’t even obvious. In the interest of better skin for all, we’re going to look at a few of these mistakes.

Exfoliating Too Often
This is one of those annoyingly subtle problems that it can take a while to notice. Exfoliating is important to keeping your skin healthy. This is because your skin’s natural shedding mechanisms aren’t perfect at their job. They can cause buildup that results in a breakout or dull skin. Exfoliating offers a simple solution, but the fact is that the layers of dead skin exfoliating removes do have a purpose. Each layer is part of the protection against the sun and helps prevent irritants and other problems from causing issues with your skin. In most cases exfoliating isn’t a problem at all, though. Standard skincare practices where you’re exfoliating, at most, once or twice a week will generally be fine for most skin types. When you go over this limit though, you can end up with irritated skin that is far more prone to damage. If your skin feels tender and looks red after exfoliating, take a break from the technique for a week or two to let your skin heal back up.

Not Wearing Sunscreen
If you’ve ever wondered what the biggest issues in beauty are, then look no further. So many people forget to wear sunscreen or think that they are somehow immune to the need to wear it. Admittedly, generations of people were raised without knowing quite how badly we all need to wear sunscreen to ensure our skin’s health, but the knowledge has been out there for a while now and there is practically no excuse for it these days. Wear your sunscreen or your skin is going to pay for it. You might think skipping on it and tanning gets you an attractive look, but the tan is sun damage that will later come back to bite you. Use a sunless tanner if you want the look and wear sunscreen. You need to ensure you’re using a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection, though. This will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. You’ll also want to ensure the SPF is 30 or higher to get the best protection. Consider looking for sunscreens that favor a physical blocker like zinc oxide too for the best protection available.

Forgetting to Moisturize
This is one of those things we can end up doing without meaning to simply because we get in a hurry. You do need to take the time to moisturize your skin properly, though. The skin needs an appropriate amount of moisture to be healthy or it will start drying out. Dry skin is, by comparison, sensitive and more prone to damage than skin normally is and as a result needs special attention. Moisture helps provide part of a crucial barrier in your skin against sun damage. Without it, your skin is subject to far more sun damage. This, in turn, makes it more prone to damage overall simply because the skin will be spending far more time trying to repair other kinds of damage. You’ll end up with dull, irritated skin that you wonder what happened to it. Your skin type is important when trying to figure out the kind of moisturizer to use, though. Oily skin, for instance, needs lighter options such as a really light lotion while dry skin needs a cream to seal in all the moisture it can. Proper matching makes all the difference in skincare.

These are some simple mistakes that can easily end up costing you comparatively flawless skin. None of these are particularly uncommon issues either. This is because it is forgetting common things is what frequently gets us in trouble simply because we don’t think it is possible that we’d have forgotten to do something so obvious. Try to remember to regularly evaluate your routine to make sure you’re doing all you should be for your skin and don’t assume you’re remembering to do everything.

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