There is a certain school of thought that says you should never accept advice from someone when it doesn’t look like that advice isn’t helping the person giving it. Don’t accept health advice from a sick doctor. Don’t accept advice on dental hygiene from a doctor with bad teeth. All of this tends to be little more than a joke at the expense of anyone who has authority on a subject that seems to be undermined. The intuitive sense behind it tends to figure heavily into how many of us make judgments on where we get advice though. That’s why, when we look for beauty advice, we tend to see what models and others whose appearance is part of their livelihood do to keep looking their best. The answer is actually fairly interesting. Different models all have particular favorites, but there are some universal lessons we can all learn from the top models of the world.

Get Enough Sleep
A consistent suggestion entirely revolves around making sure that you’re actually sleeping at night. It may not make sense on the surface, but it is incredibly good beauty advice when you pause and look at the facts. Your body is constantly using energy. This is true whether you’re awake or asleep, but when you’re awake you’re burning a lot more of your reserves on the things you want to do. Moving around, getting things done, and everything else you do each day takes away from a number of resources your body can devote to anything else. Sleeping is the one section of the day where your body gets a more or less complete say in what all the resources are going to go to for a little while. Your skin can properly heal itself and work towards a greater overall appearance by reinforcing areas where skin support is failing or skin elasticity is less than optimal. It all requires you to get enough sleep though. Beauty sleep, it turns out, isn’t just a myth.

Moisturize Regularly
If there was one thing that models couldn’t stress enough, it was the power of properly moisturizing the skin. Proper moisturizing helps keep the skin smooth, pliant, and healthy enough to deal with the daily wear and tear of life. Neglecting to moisturize only ends up causing gradual degradation to the skin which works against any attempts at ensuring you look your best. Learning how to moisturize properly is the real key here. Everyone has their own preferred methods, but the ultimate goal is to trap as must moisture in your skin as possible with an effective seal. Matching the right moisturizer to your skin type will go a long way. Creams are good for dry skin while lotions are good for average skin. Oily skin generally requires a hydrating toner or similar product. Apply your moisturizer when your skin as at its most moist to get the best effect. This typically means applying it while you’re still in the shower or bath, but after you’ve turned the water off or let it drain. Moisture will still be heavy in the air and as a result, you’ll trap a lot more moisture in your skin.

Woman getting a facial treatment

Get Regular Facials
Good skincare is hard going on our own. Yes, we can do it, and it is entirely possible to keep your skin health with a truly good skincare routine, but you can do so much better. A lot of models swear by making sure that you regularly see a competent professional for a facial. The average suggestion was getting a professional facial roughly once a month. This helps to give your skin a regular boost by cleaning up any little mistakes that happen during your own routine or accidents that happen due to life. Facials nourish and restore the skin in some many ways that it is hard to keep track of them all. All of the models who suggested it did suggest making sure you found a competent professional to perform the facial though. A facial may be good for you skin, but a badly done facial can work against all of your skincare goals.

Looking for beauty and skincare advice from models makes perfect sense. Most us tend to be invested in our livelihoods and they’re no different. The range of advice from models does tend to vary depending on their skin type and overall skin tone. A little bit of research can help you find advice that matches your own. We selected the more or less universal advice so everyone could benefit. With that in mind, try to keep these lessons in mind the next time you’re trying to think of something to help improve your skin’s health.

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