Looking one’s best is a goal many of us strive to every day. After all, why shouldn’t you try to? You feel better about yourself and feel more confident if you believe you look your best. We don’t get there every day, but getting close enough is typically all we need to appreciate ourselves on a given day. Our wedding day tends to be an exception to this “close enough” rule though. Ideally, we’d like to ensure that everything is perfect on our wedding days. It isn’t like most of us go into one expecting it to be anything other than a once-in-a-lifetime event. The commitment and love it represents feels like it needs to be properly honored. That’s how we end up stressing through every month of planning and hoping that maybe we’ll feel a little better about it the next day instead of worrying. We can’t give you a way to get rid of the all the stress, but we can go over some beauty tips to help you be sure to avoid any wedding day beauty disasters.

Stay Natural, Stay Neutral
An important thing to remember about your big day is that you want to look like, well, you. It is important to remember that you’re trying to be the best you possible and that means highlighting your natural features. Natural looking makeup will be the most complementary and timeless for a wedding photograph. This is one of the circumstances where you can be sure that natural makeup isn’t going to be light though. Regardless of thickness, remember that your main goal is to cover up any blemishes you want hidden as well as evening out overall tone rather than drawing too much attention to any one area. Stick to neutral tones in all your makeup to help avoid this problem. You can generally discuss this with a makeup artist beforehand to get an idea for a good look to use or simply higher one and stress the desire for a natural look. While there won’t be any extreme looks, you can be sure that you will look beautiful all around.

Keep A Touch-Up Bag
Yes, you’re going to be very careful when it comes to ensuring that your makeup is as safe and untouched as possible after putting it on. Most people are on their wedding day. The problem is that you can’t account for everything and little things can happen that can make minor flaws turn up in your look. You’ll want to keep one of your best friends on hand to keep a good eye on your appearance through the event. They can tell you when it is time to freshen your makeup and even out any little mistakes. Keeping the outer layers and easily fixed makeup products you’ve used on hand will allow for little quick fixes like smoothing an area out or adding back a little color to your lips if it happens to be faltering. Forgetting to stay prepared with one of these bags is an easy mistake to make, but avoiding it will let you feel a little more relaxed all day as you won’t worry as much about your makeup.

Waterproof Everything
One last bit of advice is to remember to waterproof and seal the makeup you’re wearing. Mascara is generally a given as it is quite easy to find waterproof kinds these days, but you also need to worry about it with the rest of your makeup as well. Depending on the season or your temperament, you could end up dealing with unexpected rain or tears from overwhelming emotion. The touch-up bag we discussed earlier can help fix things, but the goal here is to avoid needing to do any extra work to keep you looking your best if at all possible. Additionally, waterproof and sealed makeup tend to be longer wearing than their counterparts and resistant to common factors that wear on a makeup during long use. Not everyone remembers to do this though and it contributes to more wedding day issues than anyone likes to think about. Do yourself a favor and avoid this particular mistake.

Beauty mistakes on your wedding day can be disheartening when you just want everything to go perfectly for once. You can’t control for the little accidents and missteps that life might throw at you, but you can work towards ensuring you minimize the amount of problems that they cause. We’ve touched on a few common tips that can help you avoid any beauty disasters. Try to remember these as your big day approaches and let them help you feel more sure that at least some things will definitely go right.

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