Puffy eyes and dark circles are the bane of many people’s morning. They just seem to stubbornly refuse to go away no matter what we do. The truth is that genetics often play a fair role in their prominence. It makes it difficult to just make them vanish as a result. Their connection to our habits and even the position we sleep in likewise means that preventing or minimizing them often involves changing plenty of habits. This does still mean it’s doable if you’re willing to commit to trying to reduce the habits that cause them. We’ll go over some of the better tips and tricks you can use to wake up looking refreshed again.

Salt and Water
Puffy eyes, in particular, are a form of fluid retention. This can be happening to your for any number of reasons including your sleeping position essentially causing fluid to drain and pool beneath your eyes. Sleeping with your head tilted slightly can be enough to disrupt that, but most people have to look to other sources. The consumption of too much salt is one of the more common problems. A lot of our prepared and pre-prepared foods come with so much salt in them that it is difficult to tell precisely how much we’re eating each day. This can have a high impact on your health, but one of the ways it can manifest is fluid retention. Try cutting back on putting extra salt on your food if puffy eyes are becoming a problem. Similarly, your body can start deliberately retaining water if you’re not drinking enough water yourself. At the same time you’re cutting back on salt, try drinking water with your meal instead.

Improve Your Lifestyle
Dark circles are a bit more difficult to deal with than puffy eyes as you’re looking at that area of skin being thin enough that light is catching the network of blood flow beneath the skin. Your skin isn’t actually darker there. It is technically a bit more translucent. Your overall health is one of the key factors when it comes to helping to avoid dark circles appearing too frequently. Eating well and drinking more water can go a long way towards helping cut back on their frequency. You should also try to shed any bad habits like smoking frequently or drinking to excess. Both have been connected to frequent dark circles under the eye. The biggest thing you can do though is the most logical: get some sleep. Most modern adults don’t get enough sleep. Our lives are overfull of things we have to do and it makes it hard to actually get some sleep. Start setting a schedule for when you need to sleep as part of practicing good sleep hygiene. Setting a time to rest and sticking to it will help you get a good night’s rest and help with banishing those dark circles.

There’s A Product For That
Anyone who doesn’t quite have the time for major lifestyle changes can try reaching out for products though. There are plenty of specially formulated eye creams and other products that are all designed to help minimize the occurrence of dark circles and puffy eyes. They utilize ingredients like vitamin C and caffeine to motivate the skin in the ways that boost its health and give it a little extra pep. Ideally, you should be using these products alongside lifestyle changes to have the most effective means of avoiding the problems. These products will do in a pinch though when you don’t have the time to stop and make a plan. Don’t forget to do that though. Products will only take you so far and both dark circles and puffy eyes also share a connection to stress. Taking the time to stop, breathe, and make plans for a healthier life will benefit you in plenty of ways.

The eyes are a particularly finicky skin care area simply because they’re so susceptible to influence by our lifestyles. Our diet being poor for just a bit too long or being too “on” all the time to get things done can readily lead to use fighting back dark circles and puffy eyes as our body tells us something is wrong. Treating yourself right and using good quality products is the way to fight back and maintain your beauty. Just be a little patient and you can achieve wonders with your skin.

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      Dana Cunningham

      I would be so happy to find something that could help my puffy bags under my eyes. I have tried many products that say they will help but none have been able to accomplish anything. I want to find a product that I can trust!!

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