Face masks are a versatile and potent type of product. They offer numerous benefits to those of us who choose to use them, but there is the small matter of making sure you know how to properly use them. These deceptively simple products are easily usable and that is actually part of what leads so many of us to make mistakes. Improper preparations, poor timing, and various other factors can all conspire against us to create a situation where our masks are doing less for us than they should. It is possible to avoid these problems by becoming aware of them so that you can adjust your behaviors accordingly. With that in mind, we’re going to review some of the most common face mask no-nos that can end up getting your skin in trouble or making your mask less worthwhile than you’d hope. These will be relatively simple issues that we can all correct without it taking up too much time in our day, but keep in mind there are issues beyond these that you may want to review as well.

Preparing Poorly
Face masks are treatments that are meant to rest on your face long enough to provide their benefits. This is something they tend to share in common with lotions and cream moisturizers. Masks simply create a more tangible barrier that we can see. Making the most of that barrier and the nourishment it provides means you need to treat your mask like you would a serum by thoroughly cleansing your skin before applying it. Masks, like all products, will have reduced effectiveness if they are applied to the skin without cleansing as they’ll stick to grime, debris, and oil rather than your skin. You want the mask to be as close to your skin as possible to get its full benefits. After all, it isn’t as hyper-concentrated as a serum and needs all the time it can get. Keeping this in mind will help to enhance the mask’s potential for both nourishing and cleansing your skin in its own right.

Not Being Flexible
Many of us have our favorite masks. These are often ones we ended up being introduced to early or that we have truly positive experiences with and stuck to as a result. Product loyalty is commendable, but it often makes us less ready to try other things. This is particularly important when it comes to masks. Each mask available works well for a given skin type and typically targets one to two problems depending on the product’s formula. What we start out using or become attached to might be good when we begin, but the constant shifting of our skin type over time and its changing needs mean no one mask is perfect forever. We all need to be willing to try out new masks and adjust which ones we’re using as our skin’s needs change. This will help us keep up with new problems while still helping to maintain the overall health of our skin. Just try to remember to evaluate what your masks are meant to be doing for you regularly and stop using the ones you don’t need anymore.

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Not Customizing Your Experience
Masks are generally treated as a one size fits all product when it comes to the face. You pick the mask and then apply it all over. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a one size fits all face. Combination skin of one kind or another tends to be relatively common. Not everyone has incredibly obvious areas where their skin varies, but we typically can get the feeling of where drier or more sensitive areas over time. Multi-masking is the best approach for solving this. It helps avoid the situation where you apply one full mask of a particular kind for each problem you want to solve. All the technique requires is you covering each area that needs a particular mask with that mask while match other areas appropriately as well. You can create a custom mask that serves your needs better this way and that avoids accidentally harming areas of your skin to help another. This, in turn, will help further boost your skin’s overall health.

Using masks properly can result in a truly beautiful skin. They help to clean and nourish it in ways that other products can struggle with at times. Making the most of masks does mean being alert to potential mistakes though. Remembering the ones we’ve discussed and looking for others will help you make the most of the products and help you keep your skin healthy for a long time.

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