Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is one of the most beloved skin care ingredients in the industry. It does wonders for the skin across multiple areas. Most people are familiar with its abilities to nurture and fortify the skin. This is why it gets incorporated into so many products. However, not everyone is fully aware that the ingredient also possesses healing properties. This is where the true value of ascorbic acid lies as it covers its strongest effects. Interestingly, it delivers these effects best topically as it is more difficult for the compound to reach appropriate areas when taken internally. To give you a better appreciation of ascorbic acid, we’re going to clearly cover the ways that it helps to heal your skin.

One of the clearest benefits is that it helps counteract inflammation in the skin. Inflammation is a problematic condition wherever it occurs, but when it comes to the skin, it can be particularly noticeable. Redness, soreness, and other symptoms help highlight areas of inflammation in the skin. The visible cases are typically fairly visible and can draw the eye to places that you don’t want them. Topical ascorbic acid gets into the skin and reaches these sites to help soothe the skin from the inside out. It helps calm the reactions causing the inflammation to give your skin time to generate the appropriate healing response. It works well in concert with other ingredients, but is capable of being useful all on its own.

Ascorbic acid actually promotes healing indirectly in another fashion. It helps boost the production of one of your skin’s primary structural proteins: collagen. Acne scars and similar skin deformations are areas where the collagen has been permanently damaged. Each dip is a marker for where you skin just didn’t have the resources to fix the problem. Topical ascorbic acid helps to change things. Once in the skin, it reaches the locations responsible for the production of collagen and gives them a boost to produce more. This is particularly important as collagen production decreases over the course of your life. This promotion of collagen production makes ascorbic acid-based products particular good for smooth the skin out and helping to close wounds and mend scars. Those self-conscious about an old wound may want to consider creams or other products like this to help make scars less visible.

Minimizing Damage
The other healing property is twofold. It helps minimize damage by helping neutralize free radicals in your body. These cause small amounts of damage consistently to the body over time. This is potentially tied to various illnesses and aging itself. As a result, managing the number of free radicals in your body is a good strategy for your health. However, ascorbic acid also appears to play a role in the immune system. This is one of the few instances where internally taking it is advisable. It can then reach and provide your immune system a slight extra kick. This facet isn’t particularly well understood and isn’t highly pronounced. As a result, swallowing vitamin C supplements won’t stop you from getting sick. It may help you recover faster from illness though.

Your body needs ascorbic acid. It provides boosts and support to various areas of the body. Lacking enough of it is known to cause serious health issues such as scurvy as well. The best thing you can do is make sure some of your products include ascorbic acid and to eat a balanced diet. An orange now and again should provide an extra kick to the amount of ascorbic acid in your body. Health never tasted so sweet.

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