At OROGOLD, we love to highlight how useful acids are when it comes to skin care. They’re wonderful and highly flexible compounds. Some acids help remove dead skin and others provide some of the best moisturizing potential that the entire skin care industry knows. The trick is to know exactly what the acid is going to do and the concentration to use it in. One of the industry’s favorite acids is ascorbic acid. The thing is that you probably know this acid under another name: vitamin C. To be fair, vitamin C does come in other forms, but ascorbic acid is widely used in many classes of products to provide its myriad of benefits. We’d like to take the time to highlight just how useful it is so that you have a better appreciate for its place in skin care when it comes to fighting the signs of aging.

The best way to use ascorbic acid is topically. Your body does need other forms of vitamin C for use in your body, but your skin benefits the most when you’re applying vitamin C-derived products directly to it. This allows all of the compound’s properties to act on the skin effectively instead of filtering out of the rest of your body. One of the effects of topical ascorbic acid is that it improves the tone and texture of skin. The lightly acidic properties work in a similar way to most acids on skin and help deal with oils and dead skin cells. This cleans your skin and leaves it looking healthier than before. In addition, this helps to fade lighter discolorations on the skin and make them less noticeable over repeated treatments. You won’t see as immediate of an effect as if you’d had a supervised chemical peel, but the effect builds up over time.

Collagen Supporting
One of the best anti-aging effects found in ascorbic acid is that it actually supports the production of collagen within the skin. Collagen is a structural compound in your skin that is what primarily helps provide shape and support to your skin. As we age, the body has more difficulty producing adequate levels of collagen and areas begin to fall behind. This helps lead to wrinkles alongside decreasing amounts of elastin in the skin. Happily, OROGOLD and other companies are entirely aware of this collagen-boosting effect. Ascorbic acid is used in masks and other products to infuse the skin with a healthy dose. Repeated treatments are once again ideal for getting up to and maintaining a healthy level of collagen production in your skin. You may wish to look for products that include an active form of vitamin E in their mixture as well. Studies suggest it supports elastin production and the combination of C & E helps fight off the main signs of aging effectively.

Antioxidant Power
A further benefit to the skin is that ascorbic acid is actually a potent antioxidant on top of everything else. Antioxidants are a much-praised class of ingredients when it comes to skin care. While they don’t offer any immediately visible help, they help protect and neutralize hidden threats to your skin that you can’t see. Their primary purpose is to neutralize free radicals within the skin to prevent them from passing throughout the layers of your skin and leaving a path of damage. An individual free radical doesn’t do much, but the fact that we live in complex environments means we’re constantly exposed to situations that release them into our skin. A little bit of damage from a lot of sources gradually builds up. Keeping a good antioxidant within your skin helps decrease the chance of discolorations and other signs of aging caused by sun damage in particular.

Ascorbic acid isn’t actually a miracle ingredient in skin care despite its many uses. It is the backbone of many fantastic products though. OROGOLD strongly encourages you to consider using ascorbic acid/Vitamin C products in your skin care routine if you’re concerned about signs of aging. Its many aspects help combat these signs in multiple ways.

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