It may have been a long day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the evening. You’ll probably want to touch up a few things though before you opt to head out. This is where an After 5 skincare routine comes in handy. It hits all of the major highlights you might need to get yourself back on track without taking up too much time. You do need to be careful when choosing the products to use in this though if you have an evening skincare routine before bed as you don’t want to accidentally dry your skin out or overexpose your skin to particularly kinds of products. With that in mind, the goal is to focus largely on hydrating and restoring products to help give your skin a much-needed boost before you head back out.

Gentle Cleansing
This is the step where you need to take the most care. A lot of cleansers can be harsh and add up over time to dry out the skin. You’ll want to find a hydrating cleanser for just this reason. People without oily skin might want to find an oil-based cleanser for just this reasons. This will help you strip away daytime makeup and grime without needing to worry about applying more of top. Focus on making sure you remove things properly though. Eye makeup should be carefully removed as well to ensure you can touch up that skin as well before heading out. Remember that evening makeup is different from daytime makeup and don’t worry too much about removing your day look. Once you’ve carefully cleansed, then you move on.

Next, you’ll want to take advantage of the clean skin to apply a little moisturizer to it. Hydrating cleansers will help, but don’t do away with the need to moisturize. You can probably get away with a relatively light lotion or similar product if you don’t have dry skin though. Coat your skin and pay special attention to problem areas. Your skin has dealt with the effects of the sun and potentially oil control products all day. Giving it a tiny boost will help it look youthful and nurture a natural glow as the evening falls. A nourishing moisturizer can be particularly good if you don’t have an evening skincare routine too. This will give your skin’s health a nudge in the right direction even as you prepare to head out again later.

Your Evening Look
After moisturizing comes applying your evening look. Remember that light levels are different as the sun drops in the sky. Darker, more dramatic effects can have a better impact at night as the shadows cut back on the brightness of some colors. Make effective use of contouring techniques as well. You’ll want to control the play of light and shadow across your face to help define your features better than they otherwise would be. There are plenty of useful guides to teach your these techniques if you don’t already know them. After this, you should be set for heading back out into the world and making the most of your evening.

An after 5 skincare routine is necessarily light. Most of us have morning and evening routines depending on the particular needs of our skin. This makes putting to much further stress on the skin through products needs to be weighed against what we expect to get. Utilizing this routine to give your skin a simple reset and boost to apply your new makeup on is a good way to maintain your skin’s health if you like using a lot of makeup. You’ll be able to transition from day to night looks without worrying about if your skin is quietly suffering underneath your makeup.

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