Learning a good routine is the best way to help ensure good skin health. Each product and step in your routine helps to build up your skin until it feels and looks healthier. We’ve all got at least the basics down by this point. Rinse and cleanse isn’t that hard to remember. It does what we need it to by cleaning the grime off of our skin and helping to minimize the risks of various skin conditions. It can do more though. There are other essentials you’ll want to consider adding to your morning beauty routine that can help your skin look even better. Some of these are fairly obvious and sometimes even already being done, but there’s no denying that we don’t always do our best and it ends up showing. That’s why part of this is going to be a reminder of a foundation of good skincare. Regardless, let’s take a closer look at some of the essentials you might be missing.

This may seem obvious to many of us, but this is that one essential we were mentioning that sometimes gets forgotten. All of us have gotten in a rush and skipped over one thing or another in our routine before. More often than not, what we skip is the suggested end of a routine simply because we don’t have the time anymore. There’s no shame in this, but it really is essentially to taking proper care of your skin. Your skin is going to end up a little dry after a rinse and cleanse if you don’t follow up with a moisturizer. This is even truer if you’ve exfoliated some. The natural oils protecting your skin will have been diminished and this impairs your skin’s natural moisture retention and ability to protect itself. Fortunately, applying a proper moisturizer will work against this and help keep your skin healthy. Remember that naturally drier skin will need a thicker moisturizer than naturally oily skin that will typically want to stick to a toner for very light moisturizing or, at most, a thin lotion.

Most of us don’t think of masks as a part of a morning routine because they’re an investment of time. The trick is that some masks are faster than others and the right kind of mask doesn’t require an investment of time to clean it from your face. Disposable paper masks and similar options are increasingly popular thanks to Korean beauty culture, but they are particularly useful in this respect too. They offer you a way to get that extra bit of beauty in without needing to spend as much time on it. We recommend picking a mask that matches the needs of your skin. Hydrating masks will serve anyone with particularly dry skin well, but a nourishing mask can offer a good all-around approach for anyone by giving your skin the extra boost it needs to keep itself properly repaired. There are plenty of masks available out there that you can pick from to help you find the right balance in your skincare routine. Experiment and find what works for you.

Lip Care
Too many people end up skipping caring for their lips properly in all their routines. It doesn’t even make much sense given how readily apparent they are in our features. Poorly cared for lips look dull and lack the color that makes them look healthy and stand out in a good way. Practicing proper lip care helps to avoid this problem. You’ll want to exfoliate your lips occasionally. There are specialized products for this, but you can use a light rub with your toothbrush to solve it if you’re away from the right product. This will help by clearing away the outer layers of dead skin and actually help stimulate blood flow through your lips. They will look less dull and healthier in this way. Don’t forget to moisture your lips either. They’ll appreciate it. A good lip balm to seal everything when you’re done will let you maintain a natural look if you desire, but cleaning and caring for your lips like this will also make for a good foundation for any makeup you choose to use.

Any good routine has a lot of steps that need to be taken into account if you want to get the best rest. Sometimes all we want are the results that please us the most without necessarily attaining an ephemeral perfection. Fortunately, this is relatively easy. Consider including some of the steps we’ve discussed in your morning routine to help you find the best way to give your skin that care it needs in the morning. You may find that you end up with the right combination to make you and your skin happy.

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