Summer is one of the times of the year that can be harsher on our skin than we’d like to think. This is largely because of the longer days and the human tendency to get out and enjoy the sun. As a result, some areas of our skin tend to need a little more care and attention to ensure that they keep looking and feeling their best. The face is an obvious pick here as it is highly visible and tends to take the brunt of our exposure to the sun given the small selection of often option clothing people can use to shield it. Similarly, the decolletage tends to be exposed a fair amount in the summer as well. We tend to give them the attention they need without extra prompting though as this makes sense. What a lot of people forget is that their hands need extra care too and neglecting that can end up causing long lasting consequences.

Why The Hands
Our hands are actually even more exposed that the face and decolletage. Outfits, hats, and sunglasses can all cover up the latter two areas and protect them from the sun. Gloves tend to be the only option for our hands and those aren’t exactly traditional summer clothing. As a result, our hands tend to be constantly beaten down upon by sunlight and the UV rays that come with them. This isn’t a very good situation for any part of our body to be in at any point. The continual exposure damages and dries out our skin. Damage to collagen from the UV rays makes our hands less able to maintain their natural moisture barrier. When our skins start drying out as a result of this, the skin becomes less pliable and more prone to damage. More collagen gets damaged every time we move our hands and all of this adds up. Not taking care of your hands can end up making them be among the first areas to show signs of aging.

Woman moisturizing hand

Moisturize Your Hands
This is why most professionals recommend remembering to continually moisturize your hands during the summer. A good hand cream can go a long way towards ensuring that the skin of your hands remains youthful and help you to minimize any wrinkles already present. Hand creams are specifically formulated to richly moisturize your hands to help maintain the moisture barrier and keep your skin pleasantly filled with it. This, in turn, helps to keep your hands more resilient to the various forms of damage that they can be targeted by during the summer. After all, a healthy moisture barrier helps ensure your skin has a degree of natural defenses when it comes to UV rays. It is also important to note that keeping your hands moisturized keeps them a bit more pliable and better able to hand the constant wear and tear of the movements they go through every day. Don’t hesitate to use hand cream whenever you think your hands might need it to help counteract the constant wear of summer.

Protect Your Hands
You’re also going to want to pay special attention to ensuring you properly coat your hands in sunscreen as well. Yes, our palms generally get a generous coating when we’re applying sunscreen, but we don’t always think to ensure we thoroughly coat the tops of our hands. This is where the problems come in and are generally why the tops of our hands are so telling of age as we mature. Hand creams will provide the bulk of the moisture you need to properly care for your hands, but sunscreen will often provide the rest. Most of them are at least a little moisturizing on top of their protective nature. Remember that your sunscreen should offer broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher to actually be of use to you. Most sunscreens wear off roughly two hours are initial application and need to be renewed to maintain the protection. Keeping this in mind will help you keep your hands properly moisturized and protected all summer long.

Paying special attention to your hands and other highly exposed areas of your skin during summer is a necessary habit. Extra moisturizing, continual applications of sunscreen and diligence will help you keep sun damage and other problems at bay. Making this effort to keep your skin happy and healthy will pay off in the long run by reducing any wrinkling you’ve already experienced as well as minimizing any future wrinkling. This will contribute to your overall anti-aging skincare routine and keep you feeling confident.

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