OROGOLD Cosmetics has been offering you a luxurious beauty experience since the year 2008. We bring you exciting skin care products that offer top-of-the-line skin care ingredients, nutrients, vitamins and botanicals that have been specially selected by our product development team. OROGOLD Cosmetics has seamlessly managed to combine traditional beliefs and heritage with modern day technologies in order to help you re-create the exotic looking beauty of yesteryears. We offer our customers more than 100 skin care products that allow us to cater to people with all skin types and skin concerns. Welcome OROGOLD Cosmetics into your life to welcome brighter and younger looking skin.

OROGOLD Products
If you’re on the lookout for skin care solutions that offer you the very best skin care for your skin type without compromising on the anti-aging ingredients, all you need is OROGOLD. OROGOLD products have been created after a lot of research and are oriented toward the most discerning of customers. We don’t believe in simply branding our products as “exclusive”. We like to call our products “exclusive” because they contain a number of unique ingredients as well as gold. This goes a long way in transforming the way your skin looks and feels. Our products are the main reasons why OROGOLD Cosmetics has become synonymous with effective and high quality skin care.

Why Gold?
Throughout history, gold has been used as an extremely effective skin care and beauty ingredient. Powerful kings and queens, emperors and empresses as well as royal nobles have used gold to beautify their skin. The most popular example of the use of gold in skin care can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. While Queen Cleopatra’s exotic looking skin might be no secret, the fact that she used to sleep wearing gold masks every single night in order to maintain her beauty might come as a surprise to you. Even the ancient practices of Ayurveda have advocated the use of gold for spiritual and physical healing.

The OROGOLD Experience
OROGOLD Cosmetics strives to offer its customers the best possible service, both at its stores as well as its online shopping websites. Each OROGOLD Store has highly qualified and experienced beauty advisers and support staff who help customers to understand the best possible solutions for their skin concerns. Personalized skin consultations, complimentary product trials and facials have always been a part of the OROGOLD store experience, but we now try and make things even more exciting by offering our customers amazing giveaways and freebies from time to time.

The OROGOLD Commitment
A healthy skin care routine is only possible when you choose the right solutions for your skin. Skin care products are just one part of the equation. Modern problems like pollution, depleted ozone layers, high levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyles mean that you need a lot more than effective skin products in order to take care of your skin. OROGOLD Cosmetics not only offers customers highly advanced anti-aging solutions, we also advise them on tips and tricks that can help them to take proper care of their skin.


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