Although dry skin can be an indication of an underlying skin condition or disease, this is not the case for the majority of people that suffer from dry skin. Since our skin is the body’s first line of defence against the elements, the weather can have a huge impact on it. Add this to the problems caused by harsh soaps, hot showers and certain beauty products, and it is no surprise that millions of men and women around the world experience severely dry skin.

Close up of woman applying moisturizer.

Moisturizer Misuse
If you’ve been fighting the problem of dry skin for a while now, chances are that you’ve invested in a number of moisturizers. Although a good moisturizer is vital for combating dry skin, you should be applying it when your skin is damp. Applying it onto dry skin is a mistake that many people make and doesn’t allow the moisturizer to properly help. When it is applied to damp, not wet, skin, it traps all of the moisture that is already on your skin, holding it in. Buying the right type of moisturizer is also important, and you should always remember that the thicker the moisturizer, the better it will be for your skin. OROGOLD reviews show that customers with dry skin have particularly liked the 24K CyrogeniC Restoration Cream. And what better way to spend your $500 worth of OROGOLD products voucher than to go products from this exciting collection.

Woman enjoying a hot bath.

Avoid Hot Showers and Baths
Although a long, steamy shower can often be extremely soothing, prolonged exposure to hot water washes away all of your natural oils that protect your skin. Showers are always better than baths, but the water temperature should be lukewarm rather than cold. If a long shower is something that you simply cannot go without, try angling the shower head away from you while you’re lathering up or shaving, as this will reduce the amount of time that your skin is in contact with the strong jets of water.

Woman holding a soap in her hands.

Mild Soaps
Soaps are something that very quickly strips our skin of its natural oil, and it is also something that people tend to use too much of. Although we may have been brought up to frequently wash our hands to keep away any germs, excessive hand washing will dry out the skin, causing it to crack and bleed. Harsh soaps, such as antibacterial soaps, generate lots of lather, and although they may leave us feeling fresh and clean, the lather removes many of our natural oils. It is also important to remember to not use any harsh and abrasive sponges or flannels when washing the body, as this strips away the thin layer of oil that the skin needs to stay moist.

Dry skin can often seem like an unavoidable problem, especially as the skin becomes thinner and more parched as we age. A regular skin care routine is crucial, and should include a good body moisturizer, a day and night face cream, an eye cream, and the regular usage of facial masks. No matter what the cause of your dry skin, it is not something that you should have to live with forever, and if it is something that you simply can’t seem to rid your body of, it is important to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

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