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24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask


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      Constance Soutullo

      I have visited the Hawaii store and fell in love with Oro Gold and have my first extensive shipment coming to me . Very excited !

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      Karen Ong

      I first tried Oro Gold when I was visiting Las Vegas and fell absolutely in love with it. The products are beautiful to use, and leave my skin feeling luxuriously soft.
      I’ve recently run out, and I’m so pleased to find Oro Gold is now here in Australia. Can’t wait to get my new stock going! If anyone is contemplating purchasing, I’d highly recommend these products

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      I read about the products and they interest me. It is a product that one day I will try.

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      sarah woods

      Interest in the animal free cruelty testing and within the price for a $598.00 facial mask. Quite expensive within the average budget even for those who desire facial miracles.

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      I stopped by in the shop of Singapore. I was introduced the product and I fell in love with the day cream and the peeling. I can see it’s working great on my skin and I Would love to start using other products as well in the future.

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      Sean Bateman

      I would be so grateful to win this prize for my wife. She would love to have some nice products like these. To pamper herself 🙂

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      Tried the face cream and loved it! Makes your skin feel silky

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      Acabo de comprar un prodructo gacias al asesoramiento de Natacha en la tiende de la Roca vilage de Barcelona y estoy deseando probar otros. Por el mometno estoy encantada.

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      Jeanne Coulombe

      Great giveaway! Your products look absolutely fabulous and I would love to try them all out. Thanks for the chance 🙂 hopefully I get to write a review on how wonderful your products are. 🙂

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      Emily Zarr

      I love your anti aging products. Really interested in the exfoliater and mask! Who wouldn’t love gold on their face…

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      I would love to try this product for my wrinkles and saggy skin also for age spots. I hope I get the opportunity to try this product.

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      I love this product was on vacation in Florida and they stopped me and I tried it

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      I love all the products I’ve tried so far. I will be so thrilled to try this anf add it to my skin regime.

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      Joyce McDaniel

      I have tried the Orogold 24k Dark Spot Solution and love it. I would be honored to win this great products that I have read so much about. Thank you for allowing us to have a chance to win your great products.

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      Belinda Avila

      I’m currently using the vitamin c booster serum & Intensive eye serum & absolutely love them both.
      I’ve never tried this energizing mask …. but I would love to try it!

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      Donna Droege

      2 weeks ago I bought vitamin c facial cleanser and Deep day moisturizer cream.I noticed that the dry skin near my scalp has dissapeared I made an investment in the collagen line which includes a mask renewal cream night repair and renewal serum .also the intensive eye formula. And intensive eye serum deep peeling collagen mask and gel eye mask..I invested this money in these products because I am treating myself to the skincare I deserve.Thank you Anna @ park City orogold for introducing this wonderful product to me and treating me like Gold.

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      Today I came to your shop and I had the chance to try this mask, well, seems amazing!
      I’m a full time university student and I really can’t spend all that money for a mask, even if I love it!
      I have an Orogold day cream and I really really love it! 🙂
      Thanks for the chance to win!

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      I love all of these products but would love to add this to my products.

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      I have been watching the video & this products looks amazing. Love all the great ingredients.

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      Laura Sorvillo

      I have been impressed by OROGOLD since getting my 24K Deep Peel. I am currently searching for a mask that delivers and would love to try OROGOLD’s mask.So far they have not disappointed.My face is worth every penny I spend for products that work.I will always use the 24K Deep Peel after trying it and will gladly purchase more products I know work.Thanks for a great line!!

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      Claudette Lariviere

      As a lifetime lover of animals, I am very pleased in that your products are animal free cruelty tested. I am 54 year old wife, mom and Nana …. I would very much love to try the orogold 24k Energizing mask. I unfortunately have been in menopause for 10 years and it affects many things, including tired eyes and fine lines and just a dullness that the skin takes on. I know would welcome the pick me up… and a chance to try Orogold. Once I find products that deliver the goods, they get added to my personal fav list for purchase and gift giving ..:-) thank you for hosting this very exciting event..:-)

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      Syuzanna Gushpekyan

      Its my first time and I heard that your product is the best I would like to try it to see if I like it so I can buy more from orogold …

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      Luci S

      After taking the plunge and recently purchasing Orogold products whilst in Hawaii, I am so pleased to say that I am so grateful I did, as they are a quality product that leaves your skin feeling alive and vibrant. I have the Deep Day Moisturiser, the day and night eye serums, hand and body creams and they are all fantastic. I would definitely recommend these products and although they can be somewhat pricey, they are worth every cent. Because you only need to use a small amount at any given time, they last longer than other products too. Delighted customer!

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      Stephanie Olson

      I tried these wonderful products on my last trip to Key West. They are wonderful and I could tell I loved them the first minute I tried them!

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      Bethanee Bradshaw

      Discovered your product at Pearlridg shopping center while I was in HI helping my mother sell her apartment and move to KS with me after my father died in 2009. I decided to usetthe money she gave me for helping to purchase the mask and the moisturizer. It would be a long time before I would be able to afford them again. They quickly became my favorite products and I made them last as long as i could. Before I could finish them, however, they went missing when I was im the hospital for an extended period. I came across the jars today and looked up the website to see about replacing. Giveaway only way I can for a bit after losing both my mother and brother this year. Will have to save up, but definitely worth it

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