Don’t miss your chance to win the OROGOLD Exclusive 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acids ($178 value). To participate in the giveaway, click an entry option on the widget below and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email once your entry has been successfully submitted. Open to participants worldwide, 18 years of age or older. 4 winners will be announced on June 13, 2017. Good luck!

24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer Giveaway


    • Tami Vu

      I’d like to continue using this wonderful moisturizer.

    • Esmeralda

      I would like to try your products, my mom started trying these and she seems pretty happy.

    • shannon fowler

      gold, caviar, pearls and diamond dust are all listed as being incorporated. I don’t know much outside of what is in the brief paragraph about how they affect the skin. Id love to know more.

      • cheryl crocker

        This product sounds beautiful,it has so many things in it that my skin would love to try….

    • Kristyn Harris

      Would love to learn more about the uses of Amino Acids

    • Sheena Batey

      They all seem exotic and glamorous so all of them

    • Darlene J

      This product looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Teresa

      I would LOVE to try this….I bet it works great!

    • Annick Custeau

      I would be thrilled to win! I’ve been eyeing your products for a few months now. 🙂 Thanks for this exciting contest!

    • Gloria Luongo

      I have used orogold products before would love to try this.

    • Paul T

      That’s my sweet precious! <3 really love it, this will not show my age and will make my day much happier 🙂

    • Margaret H

      I would love to try this

    • DAYNA

      WOW! Amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone!

    • barbara fitchette

      I am 69 and would love to experience this product. Sounds amazing

    • Lisa

      I would like to know more about the amino acids.

    • Vicki Andrew

      I have used Orogold before they work

    • Theresa C.

      I love that it includes amino acids – and I’d like to learn more about them!

    • Morgan Stewart

      I would love to learn more about the Hydroxy Acids!

    • Ruth Harwood

      I’d like to learn more about amino acids x

    • Katie W

      This looks like a really great product to try!

    • Saniyah Maaz

      It contains coconut oil n i am into it , so looking forward to try this product !

    • Cheryl Chervitz

      I have never heard of caviar in a moisturizer before. I will have to know more about that.

    • laura feist

      ilike the amino acids love to try it

    • Marlene V

      I would love to learn more about peptides

    • Marlene Amero

      The bottle isn’t only pretty but the cream inside makes you look a few years younger.

    • Dixie Graham

      Would really like a chance to try this!!

    • Cassie

      What does the 24k mean? I’m interested to know how gold can help ones skin.

    • Shannon

      Im only 36 years old, and i have the skin on my face of a 55-60 year old. Ive been dealing with acne since the age of 11, still dealing with it. Ive tried everything out there from Proactive to Neutrogena to Doctors prescriptions and nothing. Ive gone through a lot of problems in my life that now i have permuture wrinkles and i hate it. Cant afford anything anymore cause my husband lost his job, So i would love for once to try something new that i can win. Well good luck too everyone

    • Vicky Murdoch

      I would love to win this product and see if it really works.

    • Susan

      I would love to try as I have the fine lines around my eyes and lips.

    • April Gupton

      There are many unusual ingredients. I would like to know how safe they are.

    • Nicola Pengilly

      I would love to try this product – the multi-vitamins intrigue me!

    • Jennifer Trevino

      I would love to learn more about the product itself. It sounds very interesting.

    • lee st john

      I have tried a sample from a cosmetic counter and it truly is amazing and i would just Love a bottle Please and Thank you

    • Geoff

      Great to know more about the amino acids. I thought you could only ingest them for a benefit!

    • Dorothy j King

      Being an active senior I spend a lot of time outdoors.I would like to try your product to help my skin stay younger looking.

    • Brenda Genung

      I am trying to find a good moisturizer as I am turning 64 this year and have found most on the market have caused my skin irritation. I would love to try this one and hope that it would work for me.

    • Lynda Davies

      I spend most days outdoors and would love to try Orogold.

    • Alina R.

      Gold, caviar, pearls, and diamond dust are interesting ingredients!

    • Sharon Woods

      THIS CREAM WOULD BE AWESOME TO TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE PICK ME SINE YOUR STORE IS 75 MILES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Karen Stephens

      Just trying to enter the contest for the Orogold Day Moisturizer. I’d love to try it!

    • yasmine

      I’ve never tried Orogold before! would love to try it!

    • saleem khan

      I hope this would helps to polish as well as to clear scars.

    • Michelle Milian

      Awesome ingredients! i can’t wait to try this masterpiece.

    • Foxy

      Sounds like a very nice luxurious treatment… 24k gold how could it not

    • Sophie Chai

      Fancy! CAVIAR <3 Should be an amazing product

    • Marlene Skotheim

      SOUNDS AWESOME; would dearly love to try this amazing product!

    • Cheron

      wish i could afford it tho

    • Anthea Holloway

      I would like to know more about the amino acids in the products.

    • Brandi Day

      I would love to win a product that works as well as this one claims to. Good luck everyone!

    • Mary Baldwin

      I’d like to find out more about the amino acids and how they work on the skin.

    • Dianne Kitson

      Love to know how caviar works in the context of Orogold!

    • Teresa sheldon

      I’d like to know more about amino acids

    • Richard Hicks

      Would like to know more about the amino acids

    • Katie Usher

      Sounds like a bit of paradise, would LOVE to try, heard GREAT things!! THANKS SO MUCJ

    • Mariann Harvey

      I have tried the 24K multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling and also Booster Facial Serum and I love them. Thank you!

    • Anita Jude

      This sounds wonderful and amazing that it has amino acids

    • Jannet Kwan

      I would like to know more about Amino Acids.

    • donna porter

      This sounds like a product I would love!

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