That’s right, for this giveaway we’re giving away our 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum to each of lucky 100 winners! The catch? The winners will receive printable vouchers which must be redeemed at an official OROGOLD store. OROGOLD stores are located worldwide from the US to UAE! To find the store near you, visit


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    • hee lee

      The deep peel and the moisturizer combo is AMAZING! my rep Adi gave me a sample of the Vitamin C booster and the whole combo at night with the night cream has been unreal. My pores are less noticeable andy skin is so soft! I must say I’m hooked already~ ♡

    • hee lee

      The deep peel~ THE deep peel~~ when I tried it at the store, I was already shocked at the results. I couldn’t stop touching my face after trying this product. I instantly became a believer and bought the peel and the moisturizer!!

    • hee lee

      I was casually passing by the stores as usual and when Adi handed me a packet of sample and asked to try a product, I was like, why not, it’s my birthday soon and I was going low on my skin care products. She was extremely knowledgeable and was very through with the explanation on each product. She found the perfect skincare products for me. I’m booed for the facial this weekend and can’t wait!

    • Theresa Gremillot

      I just started using Orogold products & I find that my skin has never looked better with any other products I’ve used!

    • Josie

      Was lucky enough to be stopped by a gentleman at a mall during a out of town travel. I was totally floored with the gold peel. Unfortunately I was in such a hurry I didn’t have time to truly enjoy my experience. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about this product and the benefits it would provide to my “virgin ” facial skin:D. Aka..never had a facial:(

    • Lourdes

      recently introduced to OroGold products… Love … Love… Love how great they are!!! Ready to experience more products

    • Kennya

      orogold > everything else

      I do not regret my purchase at all!! I am so glad I decided to buy both the 24k deep peeling and moisturizer!!

    • Olya

      Your products are so qualitet ,my sister who lives in the USA brought me one cream(for reducing oil) of you and i was impressed by its effecs.I would like to win because i want to refresh my skin and look beautiful after that <3

    • katarina

      very pleasantly surprised by the results i have seen on my face (using the 24K eye serums). beautiful, lush and a working product, what more could a woman ask for? love it!

    • Arlene Quiambao Beltran

      I love Orogold ! I can’t leave without it. It’s been a part of my daily routine from morning i use the vitamin c cleanser & Orogold 24 k daily moisturiser and before bed i must put the vit c serum. It’s my favorite among the Orogold products. Simply luxurious skin products that really works on my skin well.

    • andrea bullock

      I haven’t had the pleasure of using Orogold yet, but I have had other chemical peels. I truly believe in the benefits of the chemical peel and it’s so important to get a great one with a great product!!! The results could be disastrous if something goes wrong!

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    • meenakshi

      The biggest advantage of using the Deep Day Moisturizer is that it goes on smoothly, it is lightweight and it doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel. It is not like those tacky oil-free lotions that you find in the market and it doesn’t sting your skin either. Gentle and thorough. That’s exactly how I like it.

    • sangeeta

      I am what they call a gold fanatic. This product is really smooth and it applies perfectly on the skin. It makes you feel smooth and gives you a lot of freshness. An ideal product for anyone with any kind of skin issues. I found the sample to make my skin stable and bought the product immediately.
      Con. Their stores area a bit pushy. Purchase the product online.

    • bhawana

      I tried this cream in a mall in dubai and fell in love with this cream which is nothing short of miracle. It visibly peeled my skin. I saw it acting live n that too instantly. No fake promises but live comment. Skin feels so soft. I love it.

    • Cami

      I started using Orogold products & I my skin has never looked better with any other products I’ve used!Thank you Orogold!

    • Susan Moseley

      I received a couple of these products as a gift, and they are very good. I enjoyed using them while they lasted. I would certainly like to try some of the other products. If you use the products as recommend they do work. I noticed a difference in my facial skin after about a week. It was softer and more supple.

    • karina beltran

      My first orogold experience was today!!! I went and received a beautiful sample from the Nice’s guy ever! He himself was enthusiastic about the product. I tried it on right then and there and all I could say was WoW!!! This product is amazing!!! It was the orogold day intense cream. Very luxurious 🙂 🙂 . …. I give IG a high five stars!!!!!!!

    • karina beltran

      The 24k deep intense moisturizer is sooooo luxurious!!!! I tried it today as a sample in the mall and I fell in love with it, well my skin did!!! 🙂

    • Hege

      I bumped into you in East Hampton, and got to try the eye cream, amazing. Bought a lot of products, and will start using them now. I do not have the Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, and would really appreciate if I could win it . When do the products come to norway???

    • Olivia

      I love the products I have right now and would love to try this one!!

    • Sophia Boyle

      I’m Italian and mexican with fair skin for that combination. Both those ethnicities tend to have red cheeks but with me it is much more noticeable due to my fairness (thanks Washington weather). I was told the deep day moisturizer would make the redness not as noticeable and they were right! After one use it was slightly less pinkish, after a week it was 1/4 less! Now obviously it won’t all go away because it is just my natural skin but it was a very pleasant surprise. Very moisturizing for my dry skin.

    • Heidi

      I would love to try this product instead of wasting my money on injections!!!

    • Suzanne Duchow

      I absolutely love the products from orogold..just tried them this weekend will never go back to any other form of facial skin care products…you saved my face

    • Rowena

      i really like this product, i got moisturizer and peeling cream and i have the free sample Vit C.and i wish i can get free lol…

    • Monica

      Would love to try this one!!!! I have many products and LOVE all of them :).

    • Deidra

      Love all of the products! The 24K peel is my absolute favorite! I lose years every time I use it !

    • jessy

      I was in vacation in canada, when i had that awesome peeling. Now i’m searching this products here in germany. I would love to win. I love the products of orogold

    • michele

      The products have worked surprisingly well so far. I look forward to see what my skin looks like a month from now.

    • Patricia Tappan

      I am almost out of my products. I hope I win one of you products. I will visit you Century City shop soon. Thank you PATRICIA TAPPAN

    • Suju Lama

      My 1st purchase of orogold termica energizing mask, its on my face as post this comment, it feels so warm n relaxing, cant wait to see the results.

    • Tina

      I’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing results but am excited about trying their whole line. I like what I see and hear.

    • Wanda Tracey

      I would love the chance to try this amazing product.I love OroGold and think very highly of your top quality products.Thank you for this chance.

    • Nan

      I used the moisturizer and people say that my skin looks refreshed.. I love it wish I could buy the whole line

    • sedjro cakpo

      I’ll love using the deep peeling product to get rid of my acne scares, dark spot and redness on my chic.

    • Belen

      I love Oro Gold products because they help my skin to be more refreshed. In fact, a lot of people should be aware of this products because they help you protect the skin from the sun and acne. I love Oro Gold products

    • young sook

      I ‘v been used to lancome. I don’t know this product is better than lancome. I would love to try this product. may be better

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    • evelyn

      Dina the sales girl very informative. So far I like what i have.

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